Weekend recap! The little things

Ah, and it’s Monday again! I’m actually really looking forward to this week because I’ll be starting French classes tomorrow so finally will be able to get that tick off the to-do list! I’ve always prefer attending lessons to learning languages via applications because there’s not much feel to it(though I have to say DuoLingo is a pretty good app)
Not much of a Monday blues so here are the things that has kept me more than happy throughout the weekends
I received these beautiful gifts from Nate’s sister just the other day. Just looking at the name I was already in love but the scent, oh the scent was no disappointment itself! Infact I loveeeeed the scent so much I actually went back to the shop to purchase the shower gel(I do really love my Dove shower cream). My next item? The Crabtree and Evelyn’s English Honey and Peach Blossom scented items are to DIE FOR. I thought the Pear and Magnolia was pretty amazeballs but the minute I tried the range, I knew, I just knew I had to get the whole set soon!

My other happiness is this black machine here. Hello my printer! I finally have a printer that works HAHA. Bought some photo paper and finally got some of my paris photos printed out!

and since I’m at it, might as well print out some really nice quotes to hang around the house. Perhaps subtle hint to tell Nate where we should go for our holiday again?

The other random 2 things that has kept my hair and lips happy? Well the hair oil I got from Number 76 and the YSL sheer candy balm!

and of course you just can’t say no to party straws! I have to admit and say I don’t use them for what they should do but more as a decoration for my teacart and bar table!

Then me and Nate spent most our Sunday fixing up our Plex account on our Samsung TV.  Honestly I didn’t know watching  movies and TV series can be such fanciful till I met this app. Thanks again Tom for introducing the app to me!

Last but not least, I had to steal this picture from Nelson’s Instagram because I didn’t take a photo of it when Nate ordered the food. We went out celebrating Nelson’s birthday last week and ended up at F by Buffulo Kitchen and whoa, this squid ink rice is really something!

Here’s to a great week, HAPPY MONDAY PEEPS!
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