DIY with Fabric Tapes!

So Spring’s officially here and thank Godness the weather has been slightly more bearable here in KL. I’ve been so tempted to go OTT with the floral decorations but I know doing so will only get Nate to roll his eyes at me. I’m actually really lucky coz he doesn’t say much to what I do to the place so long as I don’t touch his TV/sound system he’s happy but I do kinda wanna make it a little manlier for him. So instead of picking the floral stuff, I thought it’d go with something a little more fun but yet still spring inspired.
First off I changed the items around to focus on the color black. Black is a very neutral color hah, so he can’t complain but it also does neutralizes all the other girl-ier items I’ve got like the pink carnation and the floral napkins! Unfortunately I didn’t had black napkins so I had to use some of my other black items to kinda dim the color down. How cute are the polka dot straws right?

As for the dining area, I’ve kept it a little more colorful. Not much has changed to be honest, still scouting for new items but I finally got rid of the Chinese New Year inspired red items LOL.Again same flowers coz I had spare and a few pictures and DIY stuff to spice the bar counter up.

I’ve also took out some of our new plates and bowls for Spring. Colorful kitchenware can never hurt anyone! Anyways, see the cute polka dot straws on the right? DIY! I’ll show you how!

First you’ll need just normal cheap straws. I got mine from Ikea, just the normal colorful packs that comes in 100 straws. Then you’ll need fabric tape(find those that are of more than 5CM in width for easy wrapping), I got mine from DAISO for RM5 and all you gotta do after is take a few straws and start wrapping them! When you are done you’ll get something like this and they are so cute! I’ll suggest actually just doing about 10-12 just for decoration purposes, you can stuff some normal looking straws behind these coz they do cover up well so if you don’t feel comfortable using these straw to drink, you can always opt for the normal ones.

To be honest, fabric tapes are def the way to cheap revamp to your items! You can get the really cute stripe designed fabric tape from Daiso too and we’ve got my cheap RM5 mirror all stuck with the tape so it looks a little cuter than your average Daiso mirror. You can def also use these for the straw, though these 3cm width tapes are a bit of a waste on a straw.

So that’s pretty much it! Another tip for beauty deco, you can also use the fabric tapes on your makeup brushes or your makeup storage!
Happy Wednesday guys!

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