March Favs!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of these 2 products.
Just realised how long it’s been since I last did a beauty update. Seeing how March came to an end(yes I am aware I’m about 11 days late to say this) I thought I’d update with what I’ve been using recently! I think I’m having signs of growing old coz my skin when not applied any care(i most times end up using just water to wash my face)routine is not working as well as it used to. So I’ve been spending abit more time with skincare and what not. Helps too when the weather is not disgustingly hot because I really don’t like it when I sweat after I’ve applied any form of skin care.
(Refer to pic above)For my face I’ve keep it rather simple, my fav Dior Serum along to make sure my skin is moisturize and the recent body lotion I got as a gift. I’m usually a L’eborario skincare person but the scent of this Crabtree and Evelyn skincare is just to die for

As for makeup, I’ve been keeping it quite simple. I usually have my hair up because of the heat so I stick with simple makeup to not look too formal. I’m really loving these two cream eyeshadow( Pomegranate punk by Maybelline and Initiation from Chanel) They work really well together to create both a day and night smokey look. As for Mascara, I’ve been reaching out for my hypnose star by Lancome fairly much recently

Makeup routine otherwise quite simple, just a quick concealer by YSL’s touche eclat concealer instead of the heavy foundation and just contouring my face with the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit. I got this in a cute sample packaging from their Xmas Advent Calendar and I must say I’m pretty impressed with the bronzer. Unlike my other bronzer which tends to be a little more in your face this creates a very soft contouring color so it’s perfect for day use.

As for fragrance, it’s been a fairly tough one. There was about a week or 2 when I reached out for my Jo Malone’s fragrance quite a fair bit but eversince I got back from Perth, I’ve just been reaching out for this alot more. Perhaps I’ll pull out my Jo Malone’s when it’s the rainy season(the one I purchased was a more woody/earthy scent)

And the cheat product! I’ve been absolutely LOVING these 2 handcreams by Crabtree and Evelyn! I love how they smell, how they feel and I am SO SO SO SO SO glad they changed the packaging on the handcreams! They are now plastic tubes instead of the previous foil tubes which I absolutely HATE so yup, no reason to hate them anymore now. Granted they feel a little cheap but at least I know they will last a little longer now in my bag

Can we also take a moment to see how cute this pendrive is! So much win from Crabtree and Evelyn this season! Amazing scents, cute stuff, yup they’ve def won me over again this month!

I don’t usually throw this in but I’ve been quite obsessed with this app recently.Don’t judge I’m a nerd I’ll admit it but seriously, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s obsessed with this game!

Have a great week guys!

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