Tiger Translate Ready!

Have you ever felt like you are running out of energy, outta creativity and out of just pretty much passion in life?
I guess it happens to everyone, but what matter more is how you deal with it.
Getting out of your comfort zone, getting out to learn new things, to find that freedom to express your own creativity is a good way to get that spark back in life again.
Or perhaps, sometime, a lightbulb is all you need hah!

Fine fine, just kidding, perhaps a few bottles of Tiger is more like it! It’s the Friday! Loosen up, have a drink, go have fun and remember you only get to live today once!

I had such a fun night meeting new people yesterday at the Tiger Translate event! Incase you don’t already know what Tiger Translate is about, you should check out their website here but in short, they aim to celebrate global creativity through the exposure to different cultures and experiences. You can use this platform to find work and creativity to help inspire you with yours.

Guess what? Next month on the 14th of June at Kenaga Wholesale City, they are having their Tiger Translate event in KL! Click here to find out more . If you like both art and music, I’d say it’s something def not to be missed, after all, life is reallly filled with surprises, you just can never guess what will happen tomorrow.. but it’s always good to know that there’s something you can look forward that will make you feel like today’s worth it!
Ok back to last night, the event was filled with yummy food and of course, of course

Tiger beers!

Of course, having a OOTD is kinda like a compulsory thing to have don’t you think?

Sometimes you lose yourself in life, you forget what you initially wanted but the goal you’ve wanted is always there, just a slight blurrer than what you’d expect it to be, but that’s okay. It’s just a phase, and when phase pass, you’ll know what to do again(in this case, grab another tiger HAH)

But all in all a good night, had I not went to the event last night, I wouldn’t have been able to meet the lovely Juliana, you should really check out her blog, huge huge huge fan of her photography!

So today is Friday, meaning the weekends here so lets cheers to that, and I’ll see you at the Tiger Translate event on June 14th!

More info on the event
Tiger Translate Event in Malaysia – http://tigertranslate.com.my/
Tiger Translate Homepage- http://www.tigertranslate.com/home

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