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My new compact camera, not too sure whether it lies in the PNS range since it’s quite advance with it’s manual settings and all and it’s got a interchangeable lens but still, I love it
I love the fact that it’s so small and compact(smaller than my hands to give a rough idea), I love the quality of what this small lil thing can do, given it’s not as good as my DSLR but hey, what else can you ask for right? Incase of which model you are wondering I got, it’s written at the of my profile description.

Most times, most camera take damn good photos when there’s sufficient light, but what matters more is how it performs where there’s lack of light
So all these photos are taken with low light condition without flash

I know most camera can do this but I really like the bit where you can change the ratio of the photos so they are instagram size.

Here’s my dinner yesterday, again low lighting but still pretty good ey.

The one thing I love about this camera is the filters, here’s some of the photos I took with the filters, straight from the camera, unedited and all taking during the night time.

Anyways I’m gonna end the blogpost with my OOTD. Will be doing a more thorough review on the camera once I really get the chance to play around with it but for now this is all I’ve got

Loving my top(it’s actually a dresss) for the color. can’t really go wrong with neon colors can you. Of course you can always dress it down with more dull clothings if you find it too bright for work

2 more days till the weekends guys! Hang in there!

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