Collective Haul!

I’m a shopaholic, if you didn’t know by now already. I shop when I’m happy, when I’m hungry, when I have time spared, when I’m happy and when I’m stressed, so yes, pretty much any possible time for me to shop, I shop
Since my friends have been missing my shopping haul post, here’s what I picked up over the past few weeks, excluding the ones you’ve already seen on my instagram(except the sunnies, coz I really like em)
I buy most of my stuff when there’s a great deal going on, for example
These 2 items from body shop yesterday since they were having a 50-70% sale

I’ve been suffering from slight insomniac recently so this ought to help me sleep abit better

Otherwise I shop when there’s a really great bargain. can you believe the black skirt and the colorful skirt is only RM29? Steal man

And this hair curler I’ve been loving! It’s easy, simple and quick to use with. Def one of my absolute fav item atm

But I have to admit, sometimes even when there’s no promo, I still make naughty purchases, like this Jo Malone cologne I just cannot get enough of! The fragrance smells like my tea, lol I can happily walk around and tell people I drink so much tea, I actually smell like one now!

and some other random items that are relatively new in my bag. I bought the little pouch from forever 21, my battery pack that’s been saving everyone elses phone but hardly mine coz my battery on my phone is still pretty darn good and still can easily last me through the day, but for just incase use you know. Earphones because I’m now currently working in an office so I need these headphones to survive me through the day, my Sennheiser ones are still with my sister in law, def need to get them back. These are so uncomfortable!

and my new little pns camera, well i call it a pns because I cannot get over how small this camera is. It’s smaller than my palm, and my palm, is really really small!

Oh and Aldo had some massive good sale the other day. I picked these up at RM49!!

Aldo heels for less than RM100? yeah count me in!

and when I was in Johor, I also picked some flats out at some random shopping mall in KSL

but perhaps my most fav pick of all are these floral converse that I cannot wait to wear!

Other misc includes sunnies

more sunnies

and hairties since my hair is at a very good length now

and of course, everyone will always needs sharpies

and necklaces hahahah

ok fine not necklaces but chocolates, everyone needs chocolates. I’ve been snacking on these chocs quite a fair bit I’m not quite sure what to do with myself coz I’m already seeing that I’d be putting on some weight real fast if this habit continues!

It’s Friday, so

Somewhere, anywhere, will you?

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