Pajamas Party!

What a weekend!
I attended the Airasia RED HOT party on Friday with the gorgeous Calista(yup, she’s back in town again)

and ended my night with funny memories from charades and yummy white white.
Then on Saturday, after multiple fail attempts to dragging ourselves up from the bed, we finally got ready at about 3PM to head to the Tune Talk’s Pajamas Party. I love it when they have a party like this, it’s always really nice to meet new people. I met Thanis, Kendrick and heaps of familiar faces for the night so enough talking, let’s see some photos yea!
So Calista offered to drive that day, perhaps a wise option given my very much limited driving skill, and we arrived at Tune Hotel after a good half hour drive from our place.

I’ve never been in any Tune Hotel in KL(for obvious reasons) but it was pretty cool to be bunking in over the night ┬áminutes walk away from the new KLIA 2

Ample parking space, I have to say I’m pretty impressed!

But yeah, being right next to the airport you’d know you’d be seeing all the flight details. I find this super cool coz you can also self check in to your flights prior walking over to the airport!

The hotel itself is pretty comfortable, huge lounge area, comfy lights, there’s really not much I can complain about =D

So once we got our keys, we checked into our rooms and like all other Tune Hotels, you can already know what to expect! I personally find the rooms a great deal if you are on a budget coz it has pretty much everything you’ll need.

Pan Mee and Mian Fen happily sitting on the bed. They kinda blend well with the hotel colors don’t you think?=p

But yes, back to the Pajamas Party. You’d think that going for a pajamas party would be easy, no makeup, just what you wear to sleep and done deal ya? Well me and Calista spent a good half hour trying to figure out what to wear for the night. Of course a pajamas party aint a party if you don’t bring your softtoy around heh. Can’t get enough of my cookie monster jammies!

So once we’ve decided on our outfits, me and Calista was just waiting for the right time to head down to the event!

well, gave us another excuse to take more photos really ha!

But yes, at 7PM we headed to the event and met some other familiar faces! Don’t you love it when everyone else is dressed according to the theme?

To make things even more awesome, we had popcorns for the night! Perfect for people like me who just can’t say no to sugar lol

And they had Jenga, oh boy they had Jenga, but we’ll get back to this in abit

The night was fun, took heaps of photos,

like heaps and heaps of photos, check out Suresh in his onsie hah!

but yes, we are all wondering what happened to the Jenga blocks right?
Well, grab your popcorn and scroll down to find out more!

You’d think with a photo like this it’d be the end of the story, that the Jenga blocks came crumbling down and squashed Ryan. I mean look at everyone elses face!They sure did look happy hah

but nah, that wasn’t when it came down, actually, Thanis was the last to take a photo with the standing Jenga hah

Then it came crumbling down, but you know what’s even cooler? When you get the shots on camera and you reverse it! Now it looks like the guy magically put the Jenga back to it’s place!

So that’s pretty much it for my night, Sunday as usual consisted of salmons, ikea shopping and of course, flowers =D

Have a great Monday guys!

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