Singapore, abit more magical this time

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So over the weekend I wasn’t in town, infact, I wasn’t already in town since Friday night since that was my flight then. Got off Changi Airport in Singapore and my amazing friend picked me up for a quick drink catchup to kick start the weekend off!
On Saturday, got ready for brunch and put on my best lipstick!
Particularly loving the Dior Fluid Lipstick color I had that day! Did you know that Diva’s having a RM45 for 3 item sale atm?

but yeah anyways side track , I’m absolutely loving this day chair my friend’s got, I’d climb onto it every opportunity I had whenever I’m in the room because it’s just THAT comfortable!

and my friend’s got the most awesome garden ever, beautiful beautiful tree!

So yeah, my other friend picked me up for breakfast and we headed to Cafe Melba

Typical breakfast, taste wise I thought it was just quite ok but the company and the catching up session was great and so I’m a very happy person

Coffee was ok I guess, I’m not sure since my friend chucked in 3 cubes of sugar and killed the coffee hah but hey my tea was great, no sugar!

So yes, you can tell I’m absolutely loving my lipstick because I actually took the time and effort to reapply it after eating, most times I can’t be bothered but this color, is freaking love! Only complain I have is that it transfers quite easily so it’s abit of a nuisance since I always have to watch out for the dreaded lipstick stain incident.

So erm, what else did I do on Saturday? Well I had more food

more bbt

and the best wantan noodles around town hah(according to my friend) but I have to say for a person who aint a big fan of wantan noodles, this is pretty awesome stuff!

and we ended our night with shots on the house! Don’t ask me how it was possible but we were every so so so flattered when the bartender came with a few shots on our table and said it was something for us to end our night before we left.

Sunday morning was family time, I spent my breakfast with my relatives in Singapore having dimsum

and that’s it for my trip in Singapore!
You must be thinking now, no way, you went there for a good 2 full days(I left late on Sunday night) so how on earth did you do so little while you are there?
Well here’s the main reason to why I flew down to Singapore. Some might already know but I’m quite a magic enthusiast and Magic Warehouse were having their very first Singapore Magic Convention. They had dealerbooths, performances, gala show and stage competitions for magicians to compete.

I’ve not been to a warehouse as cool as this one I’d have to admit, the grounds are huge and they have the COOLEST, most awesome stuff all around the warehouse for the late night auction(which I sadly had to miss)

But I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend, and congrats to the winners(ps ps, both winners are Malaysians, aren’t you feeling proud already=)) So thank you to the organizers for having me at the event. I had a blast!

I did get something else that was super precious out of this convention. For the longest time I’ve strayed away from Magic, not wanting to do anything about it but this trip has really just reignite all my passion again. It was just amazing to see how it’s never gone away, just suppressed all these while but I guess when it’s time to stop running and face your passion ey.

Just gotta take the first step and I’m sure it’ll all be well

That’s it for my post!
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