Starlight Cinema!

Sometimes being indoors can really get to you. From the office to the shopping malls, then back home kinda makes you wonder how it’s like to be outdoor at times. Granted we live in a very hot and humid country but you’ve gotta admit, the night times can be really refreshing on most days.
I’ve always liked the idea of watching a movie outdoor, grabbing a mat, doing it picnic style always seems so cool. Luckily, Samsung Galaxy Life App(download yours here now) is now giving us the chance to do so!

Till the 21st of June, if you are a Samsung user, you get to watch the movie for freeeeeeeee! They now have these movies on screening and if you are a huge fan for any of the movies, you should really check it out! (for more info check their website out)
Do take note though, you’ll be better off bringing the following items unless you are completely fine sitting on grass hah! You’ll be needing a mat, pillows to hug and of course your fav softtoy! Of course you’d have to bring your phone too, trust me having a Samsung phone has it’s perks

You won’t get lost either coz you’ll see signs everwhere to guide you to the big huge field

and did i mention? You’ll see balloons too! Big huge balloons that are super colorful, yup, distracted once again I am.

but all you gotta do at the entrance, is to show the person in charge the app, and that’s all done!

Apart from the free movie passes, Galaxy Life App is also throwing in some pretty rad deal for Samsung users! You’ll get say free ice cream

Free cupcakes

free burger!

and my personal fav, free bubbletea! I seriously kid you not, everything last night was free and it’s super mega awesome!

As for the place, it was my first time and I have to admit I’m pretty shock to see the grounds so big hah. I guess they couldn’t pick a more perfect spot than this given how there wasn’t any bright lights around the area to distract you from the movie. Canopies and small booths are set for viewers to browse around before the movie starts

and they have little stalls to quench your thirst and fill your tummy too(again, free if you have the app!)
Of course, the highlight is still the movie, all you gotta do is arrive early, pick a good spot and wait for the movie to start

I personally think it’s a very unique way to end the night, I mean, come on, movies under the star? Well, they even gave us free glowsticks!

Of course, Samsung Galaxy App doesn’t just give out free movie tickets, there are plenty of other deals they throw out so def check it out if you don’t wanna miss out!
Download the app here : Samsung Galaxy Life App

This posting is sponsored by Samsung Malaysia Electronics

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