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So last weekend I ran out of ideas for the blog, so since I had abit of spare time over the weekend I thought hey, why not do a drive up to one of, if not my fav state ever! We left KL at about 730am and got there just intime for breakfast! So forgive me if I start my post with a selfie, and yes, I woke up at 630 to get my makeup and hair done and slept through the journey, pretty impressed with my makeup not smudging!
Warning bt, long picture post ahead!
If you don’t mind, let’s get cracking!

oh Penang, everything about you I adore! from the yummy food to the beautiful buildings you are just mega amazing! Only if you had a cooler temperature, that’d be pretty nice!
We googled online and found pretty rad reviews about this place called Mugshot. They homemade their yogurt which is already a win for me(huge fan of yoghurt if you can’t tell already) but they do make pretty awesome coffee too!

The interior decoration is really rad, they had heaps of sunlight(yay photography time) but they also had some really unique items laying around the shop, if you venture far enough you might even find yourself staring at 2 dentist chair.

But perhaps the thing that caught my attention most was this firepit thing they prepare their bagels in. I absolutely love it!

and if that wasn’t cool enough, they have seriously the best yoghurt in town! Almost tasted like the Athena Yoghurt I’ve had when I was in Perth! I loved it so much I bought a good 5 cups in the span of 2 days! SO DARN GOOD, does anyone know where I can get something similar in KL or PJ?

yeah, been pretty addicted to lattes, so just trying to really get into the mood by ordering a cuppa each time I visit a cafe now.

The bagels were pretty good, nothing too spectacular I have to admit but was pretty decent. Presentation did look super neat bt!

Just sitting in a cafe like that on a Saturday morning cannot be more awesome than this. Plenty of sunlight to warm you up whilst you have your coffee and yoghurt is just bliss.

After breakfast, we wandered around for more photo actions, we also did manage to catch up with Samuel Chong with his family over for lunch. It’s been too long since I’ve met the guy and boy, he’s got the cutest daughter ever!

After lunch, we checked in to our hotel at SixtyNine Hotel. I loved our room, it was abit warm at first but the aircon solved that problem really quickly so wasn’t that big of a problem.

Yup, even came with a jacuzzi, and a waterfall showerhead =D

We rested for a bit and continued on our food journey. I was really persistent on high tea, so I googled and found myself checking out Macalister Mansion’s high tea. We didn’t had any bookings, so we were really just winging it so lucky for us(probs should make a booking next time) we got ourselves a nice table of 2 just near the window.
This mansion was initially my preferred accommodation but it was all fully booked by the time I had to book our rooms(Booked our rooms on Friday arvo, last minute or what =.=)

So tea will have to do for this round

I loved the interior decor of the place, really reminded me of Sketch in London too, less the jackets and cold weather of course.

Got ourselves a nice set of afternoon tea of 2

I have to say, presentation wise this place is 10/10 but the food itself wasn’t as good as I thought it’d be. Apart from the mini burger everything else was abit of a miss for us, pity, since they look so good on pictures

This Duck Fat Fries however, was super SUPER yummy! Def recommending it if you are planning to check the place out!

Then on Sunday, we lazed till our hearts content and went to get my nails done at Nail Bar Penang and had lunch at Tree Monkey, one of my fav place for lunch in Penang. The food there is always good, not lipsmacking good but good, but the ambience is brilliant! I loved the whole concept about being on the top of the hill overlooking the ocean having lunch, of course, to be up there you’ll have to do abit of a small climb to get to the restaurant so ladies, don’t come with your sexy heels unless you can run in them.

My monkey juice to help cool the temperature down.

and our all time fav, the pineapple rice!

Sidetrack, can we just stop and admire the pretty nails Nail Bar Penang has done for me! I’m loving the watercolor ombre!

ok back to lunch, yes lunch. Just chilling on the treetop, sipping on my not so alcoholic drink(too early for alcohol I reckon) and having spicy Tom Yum chicken for lunch is so much win!

and maybe Penang has heard me abit but the weather for lunch that day is so much cooler and nicer too!

So that’s it for my Penang trip! It’s been a short one but def a very good one!
OOTD to end the post!

I actually don’t even remember where I bought this top but I found it in my closet while packing for Penang and thought it’d be perfect for Penang given the hot weather. Skirt from Sportsgirl

Sunnies from Aldo
Shoes from this shop in Paris,can’t remember where bt eeks

So now, I’m all ready for a new week.
Bring it on yo!

Have a great Monday peeps!

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