Getting that perfect liner!

So most of us often have problems drawing the perfect cat eye, or using a eyeliner infact so here’s a little small tip to how I usually draw mine.
For this tutorial I’m using the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Gel Liner in Shiny Black which you can find  at either SASA or Watsons outlet at RRP RM49.90. They come in 3 colors, shiny black, shiny brown and shiny pink but hey, let’s start with the basics by using the black liner alright?
Sometimes using a black liner is good, but unless you know exactly how to get the effect you want, it’s always good to have some extra help, which is why this gel liner came perfectly in time!

As suggested by the name of the liner, it’s a shimmery eyeliner which makes even the finest line abit more obvious than your normal black liner

Of course, that tip is also extremely important, I would recommend starting off with a smaller tip so it’s easier to control the liner outcome itself

But yes, you can tell the liner is pretty black, of course it’s buildable but with the shimmery effect, it kinda makes it all the more special

Let’s start with the tutorial shall we?
From left to right
Draw a dot at the outer corner of your eye, where exactly you’d like your eyeliner to end while having your eyes open. This will help you gauge how it will look like when your eyes are open
Then, join the line!
create another line above the liner , then fill the gap in and build it on to your own preferred intensity!
Yup, that easy

So what about a half line? Well same thing, but what you can do is draw a mark from the middle of your eyelids and then start your liner from there. This will create a different effect of a eyeliner.

Or if you are a fan of  the bottom liner, just draw your liner from the bottom of the eyes and extend it out.  Then you can always join in the lines from the top of your eye to create that doe eye look

and of course, how can you forget the spoon technique. To be honest, I’ve seen this tutorial like everywhere, use a spoon, use a spoon they say but I’ve never really tried it, until now!
Pretty good don’t you think?

So yes, that’s pretty much about it!
I love this liner coz of the shimmery goodnesss but the best bit of the liner is the ease of application.

So quick, head to your nearest SASA or Watson Store to grab it!

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Monday again! Have a great week guys!

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