Hello from Singapore!(Again, I know)

Hello from Singapore!
So in about just over 2 weeks, it seems I’ve landed myself back in Singapore. This time it’s not really me who needs to be here, I was just kinda tagging along Nate since he is attending a course here.
So I arrived yesterday, and will be here for the week.
Only down side? It’s so ridiculously warm here!

I actually am not quite planning to purchase as much stuff this time around, hence the excessive amount of packing here =.=
But, well Singapore is Singapore, I still caved in and bought stuff anyways, and this is only my 2nd day =.=
Started my well technically late afternoon with tea. Good tea actually so I’m not complaining, infact I enjoyed the companion and chit chat session so much I almost didn’t wanna leave if it were for the ridiculously cold air conditioning system. Ah well, can’t be perfect i suppose.

Perhaps the most dangerous place I find right now in Singapore, is the bookstores. I’m so addicted to the place it’s ridiculous. At this rate of things going I don’t think I’ll go anywhere else but spend my whole week here in the bookstore, not a good sign.

Which also would mean I’ll have lack of photos for the blog, not a good sign either too.
But I did manage to find time to have lunch with Nate, all good.

Loved the soup, don’t quite think I appreciate the H shape noodles as much, was kinda funky for my liking I guess

and oh the heat, the heat and the humidity in Singapore is ridiculous!

and did i also mention? There’s SALES everywhere!

So ¬†you can’t exactly blame me when I caved in and bought myself a tarte blusher, well okay, it wasn’t on sale, i just couldn’t resist not gettin one anymore

But with the heat and all, I’ve been really resorting to wearing very casual clothes. My friend once looked at me and asked =.= So erm, that’s your definition of dressing casual?
Yes, take whatever you can get because you will hardly ever catch me in just normal t shirt and jeans coz it’s just not really my definition of comfort clothes anymore.

That’s pretty much for it for now. Will be blogging quite soon again so do come back to read! Promise I won’t bite.
PS: I’ve been absolutely loving the curl iron I’ve been using! Easy to use and the curls last for AGES. absolutely love it! Will do a blogpost on it soon!

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