Lost and Found

Sometimes when you end a trip, you not only are just left with memories, if you are lucky, you might even find hope.
I’m sorry for the hiatus for the past week, decided to go really minimal on the digital world to take a bit of time to sit down and think what is it that I was fighting for in life.
Sometimes you get to a spot where you don’t quite know what you are doing anymore, you aren’t happy, but you can’t exactly pinpoint the reason, sometimes people lose interest completely in life, sometimes, you just give up.
I personally think when that happens, as much as it is difficult to get back up,  the first step, is always to smile

then maybe take a break, go on a holiday, after all, everyone can fly now right?

but if that doesn’t quite work for you, maybe splurging at a nice cafe with a person you can trust is a good idea too

Try new things, even the little stuff like, coffee might be able to change your perspective on things.

I for sure am def starting to be real addicted to coffee now.

Perhaps a hearty breakfast would do the trick

I mean, you can’t exactly have the energy to think if you have an empty stomach right?

But if tea is the thing you know will fix your blues, then why resist it

perhaps even try pancakes, heard they are pretty awesome cheer me up food too =D

but of course, if you are more of a steamboat person, I’d def say go for it because I seriously cannot get enough of steamboat!

but whatever you do, don’t stop walking. Don’t stop because the future is scary, in fact I personally feel that nothing can be as scarier than staying at the same spot for years and not moving forward in life.

Of course I’m not expecting you to jump the gun and do something insanely insane.Try baby steps, get out of your comfort zone. Grab a book, drink some I don’t know what reddish drink hahah (btw , the drink is really super yummy! This is at Going Om on Haji Lane in Singapore, awesome awesome place)

but just finding a nice place to chill with all the busy work, hectic schedule is a good way to take a break.

who knows, you might even find your little secret attic to help you keep your best memories for you

watching the pretty night lights surrounding you

Fancy a menu that lights up?

If chilling out is abit too slow for you why not try arcade games?

maybe have a walk down the park you’ve never ventured before

I mean, what have you got to lose right?
If all else fails you will always have alcohol(just joking, but seriously how awesome is this tea liquor!)

because sometimes it might seem as though as what you are doing is insignificant
like you’ve tried so hard, but there’s not much changes in life.But be patient,
because you’ll never know that there’s a possibility of a chance that this tiny small decision you made differently in life today will be the reason to something far greater than you can ever imagine tomorrow.

So even if the hopes are dimmed,
and hearts are weak

Don’t give up just yet because maybe, no I’m sure that the spark is somewhere near
and when it does happen, I will guarantee that it will be worth it. That all the hardwork, the sweat and the wait will be worthwhile

So don’t forget to smile, perhaps put on a different makeup today(may I suggest confidence and hope?)

and just take that first step.

Don’t worry, it’ll be okay,
I promise

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