Recent favs and mini hauls

Sorry for the lack of update! To apologize, here’s a picture of my cologne/perfume, whichever you see fit to call it and I am absolutely OBSESSED with this Earl Grey and Cucumber cologne by Jo Malone.As you’d know by now I’m a tea-holic, so smelling like tea, yeah, does have quite it’s appeal on me HAHA. I know I’ve been slacking abit recently, starting to get back into the blogging mojo again so I thought I’d do abit of a recent favs?

As for make up items, I’ve been really reaching out for the more natural,flawless skin look so concealers have been my very good friends. I’ve been really really using my MAC painterly paint pot for my eye are and the NARS creamy concealer to hide my horrible eyebags and green veins.

and on the days I’d like my makeup to be abit heavier, I’d use these as a base instead. I’ve not used the porefessional in awhile now, I don’t know why actually since the product is amazing! Works so well on my skin and I love the satin finish! I’ve also been using the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet since I ran out of my Aqualumiere foundation. I must say I really like the coverage on this new foundation and I do really like the finish on the product too. It is however a tad heavy compared to the aqualumiere so I’m def still gonna grab another bottle of that foundation for a everyday use

For blusher and bronzer I’ve been using these 2 babies heaps. Ive heard nothing but great reviews on the Tarte blushers and I must say I have to be on their side. The blusher last forever and the pigmentation on these babies are to die for. Bronzer wise, I’d say I’m still really liking the RIRI bronzer from MAC but I’m still def looking for something abit more natural for my skintone.

As for my eyes and brows, I guess nothing can beat these 2 items. I really don’t know how I took so long to get onto the Empro eyebrow pencil bandwagon but these eyebrow pencils are freaking amazing! I just really don’t know how I missed this product completely!
and if you know me by now, I’m a gel liner junkie so gel liner by Benefit they’re real pushup liner? yup, def a win. They last so long without smudging(I used the liner in Singapore and it really did save me from the dreaded panda eye look haha)

And yes, the eyeshadow obsession. I used to have eyeshadows everytime I put on makeup but for the past year or so I’ve been really skipping this step. Well, I’m really really loving the colors on the Naked 3 palette and have been using them to recreate a more natural subtle daytime look. Of course the pigmentation and the formulation of these eyeshadows are freaking amazing.

and for other stuff. I ran out of my normal L’oreal shampoo and I got sent these to try. I have really really thick hair and naturally when I shower or dry my hair the amount of hairlost is unbelievable. I realised these shampoo really did help minimize the breakage and also hair fallout which I’m actually quite impressed. I’m not usually one for drugstore shampoo because i have quite sensitive scalp but these really do work quite well so I’m def keeping them for travel sake.

I’ve also been really loving the laura mercier ambre vanille souffle body creme. I’m quite sure it’s the weather but my skins been super dry recently but the hot weather is too ridiculous to have anything heavy on the skin so this souffle has def come in very handy.
I’ve also been replacing my normal conditioner with the L’oreal hairspa since they were on sale(Rm99 for 4 pots) and though they don’t make a crazy huge difference to my super dry hair, it did help quite abit, at least my hair now is just dry haha

and I’ve def been loving these flats I got from Singapore. Natalie got me hooked onto them whilst I was there and I saw the rose gold version and just couldn’t resist! So erm ya, as saying goes, if you can’t decide, get them all. I’m still really thinking how I should pair the rose gold ones but the silver ones I’ve been super loving. Pretty, aren’t they?

So what about you? What’s your fav items of late?

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