Midnight madness

I need a less crazy hobby I reckon. Late night boredom pretty much means makeup session and poor Nate having to help me with some photography session. I didn’t know what I was doing to be honest but I thought I’d go for a darker and smokier eyeshadow this time around. Came out really different to what I’m usually comfortable with for my makeup but heck, will just make do with it I guess
Here’s the makeup, silver and black eyeshadow with a red lipstick. I really didnt know what to wear so I pulled out whatever that was black in my closet and man, it’s def outta my comfort zone of an outfit lol

Heels from Aldo, Ukelele from 1 Utama.

But I’m still absolutely loving this necklace I got from Diva sometime back, the multiple layers of chains makes it so flexible as both a necklace or a backpiece. I have to admit the photo makes me look so different

Alright so here’s the rest of the pics, hope you guys will like it!

Again ending it with 2 of my fav shots of the night

and yes, typical, the no face shot is always the best shot HAHAHA

On a complete diff note,
Last night was a rough night for my country.. I sincerely hope that this time round, we ┬ácan put the blaming and accusations aside because it won’t do anything to help the situation but perhaps, we should be each other’s support through this tough period of time.

Life is short, appreciate those around you.

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