The weekend continues

So last weekend was pretty cool, we had our long due family annual trip(grandmama’s birthday) so naturally everyone had to be there. was good fun because it’s been sometime since we all did a family trip.We rented a bus, just to save everyone the hassle of driving

made a little stop here for some temple visits, I was just spending all my time eating Taufufah lol

But we eventually got to the jetty.

I really really love rustic boats like these, they make everything so much cooler, the dirty paints, the old school motors, just absolutely love them!

that, and they make the fisherman village photo a darn good photo too!

we spent most our weekends at the beach hah, as expected so I’m a little tanner this time around. My lil nephew loved it so much he insisted to go to the beach every time we had a bit of a spare time!

I didn’t bring my swimwear, so hey, bit of sun tanning and pictures wouldn’t hurt right

but you can def say it was a good share of a fun time throughout the trip.

That, and I’m still out of town at the moment running some errands, but here’s some random photos to kinda end the blogpost

and of course, what’s a blogpost without yummy food photo ey. Photos taken at the lovely cafe “By Grace” which is by far becoming my absolute fav cafe at the moment for desserts. The effort put into each dessert is unbelievable. I love how everything is tied in together, from salted chocolate caramel to a greentea matcha souffle, just plain bliss I tell you, plain bliss

So yes, if you are ever in the area, this place is def a must try. I know me and Alicia are more than happy to drive a good few hours down just for this cafe.

How was your weekend?

With love,

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