Sunflowers and crystal balls

So today the precious Yumi came by for tea. Girls being girls, it was quite difficult for us to stay away from the camera and since it was raining, we thought we’d do abit of a mini photoshoot, spent abit of time doing the makeup since it was raining but here’s the photos!
Gah, I wished Yumi stayed next door! I don’t actually know it’d be healthy but since we’d be spending heaps of time just taking photos and doing random stuff HAHAH. The floral crown was another DIY. Did it a few weeks back for Nate’s sister’s wedding photos so I thought I’d put it to good use this time

Brought out the ball since we didn’t want to make the photos too floral-y but I quite like the outcome of it

Def something abit different don’t you think?
Well anyways here are the more normal looking photos, sorry for the lack of creativity in poses hah, not quite a photo person, usually work better behind the camera

I’m still trying to decide on my fav photos, I know Yumi’s preferred one is the one above these text but I kinda am debating between this photo below

and this one instead

but yes, I might have have abit too much spare time on hand atm.
Really am not wishing for the weekend to come so soon
Thursday tomorrow!
What are your plans?

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