Weekends and GLAMGLOW Obsession

This weekend has been rather quiet,
I spent most my time actually just doing nothing, until of Saturday late arvo a friend of mine asked me to join her and her group of friends for dinner.
To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. It was going to be my first time meeting her friends but I bit the bullet and went along anyways, turns out, it was an extremely fun night!
Given more than half the group was Korean, we had korean food for dinner.
Korean bbq to be exact at this small lil restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas call Han Cook
Did we like the food?

Did I like the combination of Soju with beer?

Yesterday, I went to Pop Bazaar with my lil sister. I was def being the older sister and all(I’m bout 6 years older)..until we saw balloons. BALLOOONS!

Hah, but I did manage to haul a couple of items. Particularly loving my phonecases! Watercolor case from Mashkin¬†but the one of the bird is perhaps my fav haul for the day. I got it from one of the stands in Jaya 1 itself and I have a feeling I might just head back to purchase the rest of the designs that I couldn’t decide on since I really like the finishing of the phonecase itself.
Got the passport case at RM12, such a steal and just in time for my Perth trip in 2 weeks time!

and speaking of love, I think the post dedication would have to go to these items I bought over the weekend. I’ve heard PLENTY of review and raves about them online for the past few months but I never thought of actually purchasing it until the other day when I thought hey, I could really do some help with my skin condition. Lucky for me they had a gift package going on so for the same price you get a full size bottle plus this other small bottle for you to try.

Texture: the product itself was a muddy like product, applies like mud, leaves your face all black like mud and you scare people(in my case Nate) like when you have mud all over your face
Application: It was easy, not too runny or thick so applies on just nicely on your face.

I cannot believe a little pot of mud like this can give such AMAZING and INSTANTANEOUS results to my skin. My skin was immediately brighter after applications, pores were much much smaller and the skin, oh the skin just feels so much smoother too.
I cannot believe how amazing the product is! I’m def doing a better, full on blogpost for these babies, but first I’ll have to go grab their new hydrating mask product because if these 2 babies are so darn effective, I’m def needing the new one too!

Ending the post with the photos I took for L’oreal MatteAboutYou Paris competition the other day.
Oh Paris,¬†Quand est-ce qu’on va se revoir?

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