Finally, problem fixed!

Ok , you will have to bear with me on this because, this is a blogpost with alot of pictures of me, without makeup!
This is def something I’m very VERY uncomfortable with,  yes sure enough I’ve had photos of myself without makeup but def not in this amount!
I’ve always had pretty okay skin, okay in the sense that it doesn’t break out as much(though recently I have to admit it’s been pretty bad) but still manageable but I do have concerns to how my skin can be improved.
Here’s a picture of me with just my eyebrows filled in, completely without makeup*shudders* but as you can tell from  far, apart from the super obvious eyebags (if seeing me without makeup isn’t your thing, just please please be good with your comments hah), a couple of blemishes, it looks pretty okay right?
Yeah, that’s because you’ve not seen it upclose!


So here’s an upclose picture, I’m so sorry if the photo scared you but hey, I’ve got some pore issues going on! So my pores has always been a problem to me, so much so that it has been such a long problem I don’t really even think about it anymore because there is absolutely nothing I can do, or have done to make the condition better. My blackheads are a pretty good nightmare too HAHAHAH.

I’ve first heard about Carbon Blast a few weeks ago at the esmé Clinic beauty talk invited by the beautiful blogger Mandy and I was tempted! Skin laser has never came across my head because I always think of the cost of it, the downtime and I always thought it was for severe acne problems. Then I was introduced to Carbon Blast, which was a soft laser procedure that helps the
– Whitening and pore shrinking
– Refine and shaping faceshape/skin
– Controlling excessive sebum/removing dead skin cells
– Removing blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and acne scars
– Reducing wrinkles
– More Radiant skin

I’ve always been a fan of their V faceline slimming procedure(more about this next time), because that face slimming procedure is freaking amazeballs.  Esme is located in Jaya 1, so pretty easy to spot and find parking, double yay.
第一次听说这 Carbon Blast 的治疗,是写部落格朋友介绍的。其实它在国外都有另个名称(黑脸娃娃),都是台湾出名大S的激励推荐的一个治疗。
我的疗程就是在esmé Clinic做的咯

Comfortably designed, there is always a very nice waiting area for you to relax while waiting for them to prepare your room for your facial treatments

I found myself sitting quite comfortably at the chairs for quite awhile before I was willing to step into the treatment room HAHA.
To be honest, was I worried?
YEAH, it’s my first time attempting anything similar  and telling me that I’m gonna have a soft laser procedure done on my face? Pretty intimidating I’ll admit
First they applied this carbon powder all over your face, depending on your skin condition, sometimes you’ll have it sit for 20-30 minutes and if you have naturally oily skin, they might use a different texture carbon instead.
So here’s another photo of me.  I think I’d look pretty cool if I had my face all covered with carbon, don’t you think?
首先,他们会把碳涂上你的脸。这步骤因人而异,要看你们自己皮肤的状况,给个20-30 分钟那碳settle了在会开始治疗行程

right jokes aside, here’s the machine they use

well, specifically this gun over here. This is the laser gun that helps blast all impurities on your skin with the help of the carbon powder.

LIke that, don’t mind the hideous picture but I had to show you how the procedure is. The spot where lights up?
The sound that goes on during the procedure can be very intimidating but it doesn’t hurt, trust me, it just is very loud, and well, there’s actually a small spark that goes on too, hence the need of the black eyemask, and to smell a slight burning smell is completely normal too.

So that was half the face, as you can tell from this picture, there is really a freaking obvious change. My pores on the left face is much much smaller and my forehead perhaps has the most obvious difference. The best bit? My face feels freaking smooth HAHAHA.
so after I’m done with both face, here’s how it looks with just a simple cleanse. As you can tell there are reminiscence of the carbon powder so we gotta do a deep cleanse.

esmé Clinic has their selection line of products they use that is suitable for after laser skin(because it is still a laser procedure, your skin is still rather delicate) so using the right cleanser is very VERY important.

but here’s a final picture, no makeup, and no editing. I honestly am freaking in LOVE with the results!

Best bit?
you don’t have to worry about after care as much because they will also help apply a facemask for you(optional) to help relieve any skin discomfort and you are good to go!
There isn’t a one week recovery or skin peeeling period which I would absolutely wouldn’t want to go through given the hectic schedule I have.
I honestly think this Carbon Blast is amazing because it’s a once off procedure(depending on the severity of your skin condition of course) and all you gotta do after that is do your proper facial care to help maintain the results
I’m really really loving the results because for the first time, my pores are something I’m not too concern about and for the first time, my skin looks pretty darn good without foundation/primer/ concealer!

I honestly think that just that one time procedure did freaking loads of difference to my face and the results will last pretty much on how well you take care of your skin!


If you are keen , there is a deal going on on
1. Treatment Name: Esmé Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment
2. Normal Price: RM720
3. First Trial: RM149

You can also purchase their deal treatment here

Or you can always drop them a msg on

esmé Clinic – (846805A)
ADDRESS: D-65-1, Block D, Jaya One, No.72A, Jalan University, Petaling Jaya,46200
如果有兴趣可以上 Milkadeal看看他们的promo deal,
1. Treatment Name: Esmé Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment
2. Normal Price: RM720
3. First Trial: RM149

You can also purchase their deal treatment here
esmé Clinic – (846805A)
ADDRESS: D-65-1, Block D, Jaya One, No.72A, Jalan University, Petaling Jaya,46200
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