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So thanks to Manoah and K Palette Malaysia, I’ve had the opportunity to review their 1 day magic liquid liner. Before I get straight into the product, just letting you know you can grab them from SASA outlets which is a win because they are having their massive sale atm.

anyways back to the product, it’s a liner with a flat end brush, which means you can draw on both thick and thin lines(depending on what your preference is) which is perfect for beginners. Personally I found the pen very easy to use but if you are looking for a jet black liner, you might have to layer the liner on to achieve the same results. The liner has stayed on me through my little photoshoot, which is quite an achievement (I do sweat a little lesser than normal ppl tho) but the awesome thing about the liner is that it contains

  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Soluble Collagen
  • Swertia Japonica extract 

which are all good stuff for your eye. Despite it being long lasting, it can be removed with lukewarm water (awesome if you are just bringing this for travel). I really like the pink with gold words on the packaging so I thought I’d do something with the eyeliner since it’s a Sunday.
So here are the items I’ve decided to work with this time around for this theme

As you can tell, the thick eyeliner def work pretty well, and getting the shape itself was relatively easy.  Here’s the look!

and if you are wondering how the thin part of the liner is, as you can tell, I’ve created abit of a small scribble drawing on the side on my eyes!

and here’s my outfit for the day! Thank godness it was a rainy day tooo because even though the sleeves were really sheer, it was REALLY WARM, think it might have been just the material of the sleeves that just doesn’t allow air through.

Really loving the sunnies I got from Jaya 1 yesterday too! Hello duochrome sunnies, oh btw the dress is also from Jaya 1’s pop market. Fedora Hat from H and M, shoes from Paris, Bag Kate Spade and the lion necklace is, actually I don’t remember where I bought my lion necklace, think it might have been from Diva

So here are the photos! Enjoy, we took them at the TTDI park, was pretty lucky since it wasn’t too hot and the sun wasn’t glaring at us either. Not really my style on a daily to go basis but I have to admit I’m really liking the outcome of the outfit.
and I seriously cannot get enough of the sleeves on the dress! I love love love the gold detailing!

So yeah, sunnies aren’t sunnies if you don’t have a picture with them on. To be honest I don’t think the circle sunnies are really suitable for my faceshape but heck, seems to work well with photos so yeah

That’s pretty much it for my Sunday! How’s yours so far?

Check out the eyeliner here at
K Palette Malaysia  Facebook:
You can purchase the 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner from SASA outlets

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