Cities of the World by Heineken and new hair!

Last Thursday, again all thanks to Manoah, I got invites to Heineken’s Cities of the World launch. I could bring a plus one for the night so who other than to bring than this pretty darling here

The event I have to say is like no other event I’ve been to, they first bring you into these different rooms that represents different outlets in KL and you will finally be in the main room, where the event is. This is an awesome thought put into to making it look like a maze to have us feel like we are exploring diff places with such limited space place!

I found this glasshouse particularly special through the night, there were models in there posing and around(for a few hours I might add)

The music that night was pretty rad, but let me tell you a secret, or rather, let our DJ Goldfish and Blink tell you a secret!

With Heineken in the house,wherever you are, whichever city you are in

Brace yourself coz you are def in for a very good night

I’m sure these 2 guys would def agree with me on this

I had heaps of fun that night, nothing like a good night with lasers, heineken and good company

Keep up with Heineken here on their Facebook or check out their main website *here* as you might be able to walk away with something special with their campaign!
For every Heineken’s Cities Edition bottle you purchase, you can find unique codes under each bottle cap that can help you win a chance for an adventure in New York City,
How awesome is that! So def def check them out

That’s pretty much it for my Thursday night, here’s some photos of my new hair! Thank you so so much Calvin from Studio 76 Bangsar 2 store for the awesome ombre hair

Enjoy the rest of the night guys!

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