I have a Lovisa obsession!

So I did a mini haul at Lovisa…
I have to admit, self restrain is very very difficult in Lovisa
I couldn’t justify buying myself more necklaces so ermm yeah head and hands accessories? yeah I could do more with those pretty things.
They are currently having a 3 for RM30 sale as well as the 2 for RM56 sale and also the buy one get one free sale so perfect time to stock up on some basic stuff ya.
First I’ll start with the 3 for RM30 sale
Headbands coz a girl cannot have too many of them

I also picked up some adjustable rings(coz smalls are usually way too large on me anyways) so these are perfect!

Of course the occasional blings, I still cannot resist! Particularly loving the pastel ones in the middle. So so cute!

Then we head on to the 2 for RM58 sale,
These 2 were too pretty for me to pass. So though I said I was on a necklace shopping ban, these are good enough a reason to not go through with the ban ya =p

but most importantly I was swoon away by the headpieces. I’m a huge fan of headpieces so heh,

Gold chain and turquoise stones, yup, can’t resist

This was abit of a difficult one. I’m not one for huge chunky chains but i really like this semi precious stone they’ve got so yeah.

and I’ve also been recently very very obsessed with hand accessories. Bracelets usually fit horribly on my skinny wrist, they always never seem to find a way to stay at where they are suppose to but the ones that chains up to your fingers seems to fix that problem for me, it has been a long and difficult search for accessories like these HAHA.
This is def my fav out of the 3 coz it fits just nicely on my wrist!

and you can never say no to pretty geometry shapes. Actually you just cannot say no to pretty hand accessories HAHA

and of course, you def need something on the daintier side =D

Guess that’s all for my Lovisa haul, I just really hope I can restraint from walking into the shop again for the next few days(unlikely, but I’ll try)
What’s your fav?

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