So you took a holiday, before your holiday

Yeah, sounds just about right!
To be fair I did had to do some stuff during this trip! I’m currently back in KL for less than 24 hours before I have to head to the airport again tomorrow night to fly off to one of my fav place in the world!I’m quite sure if you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know where I’m talking about since I make an effort to fly back at least once or twice a year! But let me quickly get some photos up on the blog before they become way overdue!
Last week I spent quite a fair bit of my time with my family since my brother is back from London and my grandmama is in town! This just meant we had alot of celebrations!
Dinner at Kampachi with a huge group of people always gives you interesting stories

For example, this Japanese manager spoke full on Japanese to me when I was asking for my food(in English) and she happily asked my dad bout the “japanese girl” in our group, only having my dad to reply “no, she’s just my daughter”
Seriously, if I had to drink each time I get mistaken as a Japanese(before introducing myself) I’d be so drunk by 9am each day.

Sunday was a good day to chill
Me and nate spent our afternoon just chilling at Social at Publika having lunch. I love Sunday lunch
mainly coz it’s also the day I get to spend money on new gadgets! Have you seen my new film camera? Love love love toy cameras, they are always so much fun!

But Sundays are also the days you get to do Sunday roast with the family, it’s always the perfect opp to either dress up or down(depending on how you want to rock up to dinners without having anyone to judge

But nothing beats a good view with a good cup of Sangria to end your Sunday night

So on Monday I flew off to the country down south to run some errands. Opted for a boutique hotel this time around and I must say I had quite a comfy stay at Porcelain Hotel

Knowing how small Singapore rooms are, I did a sneaky upgrade to my room to have abit more space to myself

The room is all decked out in white and it’s just such a happy place to be in

Happy coz it’s just the perfect setting to take selfies HAHAHA

But since I did had abit of time I checked out Chinatown whilst I was there.

So much of a tourist selfie photo HAHA, I honestly always underestimate the heat in Singapore! It’s absolutely insane! Each time before going to Singapore I’d think ah it can’t be that bad this time round of the year and always having to eat my own words when I’m there.

But I did manage to do some damn cool stuff apart from my errands. Can you believe this is actually my first rainbow cake! I had this at Le Chocolate Cafe Was def a good cake to go trigger photo happy on lol

But they did say if you fed someone a rainbow cake you’d have your dreams come true(just joking, I totally made that up)…but just incase, rainbow cake anyone?

but my fav is def that tall chocolate cake at the other side of the pic. I have no idea what it’s called since the waiter who recommended the cake called this cake the “tall chocolate cake” too

Evening time I met up with the Hossen couple and Mr Shield. Man it’s been too long since I last met them(ok fine I did meet Shields about a month ago) but I did really enjoy just being able to sit down and chat and not have care in the world about anything else……..of course that’s until you’ve had way too much coffee and your mind starts going abit cray
We had coffee at this really cool Jewel Cafe near Farrer Park MRT station but I had to skip coffee since I’ve already had 2 cups for the day. I seriously still think high-on-coffee yuki isn’t a good yuki to be around with.

We had dinner at this mega cool indian restaurant on Dickson Road

I must admit, the sambal fried rice is pretty good( yes yes, I know Malaysia still has the best fried rice around, aint gonna try and argue that)

but that pretty much conclude my pre holiday holiday( that I’ve actually manage to take photos of) but I did really had an amazing time despite the lack of time to actually go around places.

Now I’m ready for my holiday! Guess I’ll see you soon again my dear airport!!

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