Waking up with amnesia

Almost like a tradition now, making that trip up north the river to Hillarys.  Weather was sunny and beautiful(20 deg!) so we decided we would make the best out of the weather by going for lunch. Good call really, but then again it wasn’t windy, and the sunshine was warm and inviting so it was really difficult to say no really.

Not sure if you remembered my last blogpost but I had a photo of a guy on the bike, this time around the guy unfortunately wasn’t around but I did manage to get a photo of another person on his skates =p

Decided to have lunch at breakwater

The place really reminded me of Keppels Bay in Singapore(less the heat and humidity of course) and I really liked that place for their stickydate pudding but of course, breakwater has it’s charm

For starters, we have ginger beer(Matso makes really yummy mango beer too) and bubbles

and have you seen the view? It’s amazing!

I def really enjoyed it, of course not all drinks are mine(though I wouldn’t mind having one of those mango beers) and I had my steak sandwich for lunch so I’m a happy person. Dan’s throat weren’t feeling too well so instead of having his fish and chips he opted for grilled fish instead.

Decided to walk the calories off after at the beach so we drove down to one of the beaches along West Coast Drive and couldn’t be happier. Warm sunny day with the occasional cool breeze and the sound of the waves from the indian ocean just makes you forget bout being human. Standing there, I really feel( like all other times really) that earth is just such an amazing place . I mean come on, I’ve been seeing this view for the 5 years I was here and yet every single time I drive past this place I cant help but feel in awe.

We sat there for quite awhile actually, soaking up the sun and just listening to the waves, just being.

Sometimes it does make you really think though, that whether there are creatures that are unknown to mankind, the mythical ones we often talk about the legendary ones we were told stories of when we were younger actually do exist

How awesome would it be if you could become a mermaid for a month or so and go on a little ocean adventure ey. I know I’d def say yes if given that chance!

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