Oh Perth

Should really plan my day out properly to avoid all these late night updates
Anyways, just thought I’d do a quick update on my weekend. I can’t believe I’ve been in Perth for about 10 days now. Time really flies and what really is driving me insane at the moment is the fact that we are already done with August and are in the month of Sept now!
Last weekend, my dearest cousin Ei Jean landed in Perth for the wedding, so we had a day to kinda chill so we thought we’d go to our ol fav spot in Perth for brunch. East Perth!
It was such a beautiful day I think I’ll leave the pictures to explain themselves.

Had brunch at Partisan, ermmmm, the experience wasn’t that great to be honest, mainly coz the waiter was busy flirting with the ladies at the tables right next to us and we had to wait a good 10 minutes before we could even get our menus. The tables next to us got so fed up as well just waiting coz we both ended up going into the cafe to ask whether it was even table service to begin with

Coffee was decent bt!

and my cousin being my cousin, she just had to go on her phone hah

She had the food in the pan(sorry I can’t remember what it is called) and I had ┬ájust croque monsieur

Abit of a windy day really, you can see the menu flying everywhere hah

but we were really happy people by the end of brunch. I think the weather played such a huge role to our mood too

So with good weather, we just had to take abit more photos ey

Ended up the day in South Perth

Then on the wedding day itself, we snuck out for lunch at Ootong and Lincoln.

I have to say that the chilli lime squids were quite well done

but this would def be the highlight of our meal. I really enjoyed this combination of the potato cakes and the bacon with the perfectly done poached eggs.

Nate’s def enjoying the weather too, just a nice change from the heat in KL atm.

I actually woke up rather late for the registration in the morning so the lack of makeup look and crazy hair. Literally just had the dress on and threw a blazer over it to keep myself warm for the morning.

Then for night time, I had abit of time to redo my hair and makeup so I guess I looked much more presentable for the wedding dinner. It was such a memorable wedding dinner too. I’ve been looking forward to the day I could call Yvonne my relative and it was just amazing to have her part of the family now.

Tomorrow is again another busy day so till then!

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