All of these stars will guide us home

Woke up to Dan’s text asking me not to leave Perth, and it finally hit me, that I’m going back to Malaysia tonight.Can’t believe I’ve been here for half a month now and to be really honest, I’m really really reluctant to go back. Lucky for me, it’s a midnight flight and Vicky had her study day off from work and we snuck out for a quick lunch. Ended up at Bellissimo in Claremont and ordered 2 very yummy pastas. I’m sure you guys know Vicky, we go way back. She was the one who told me I looked like a mermaid instead of saying hi on our first meet. Guess that’s how you know your friendship will flourish, I mean, anyone who tells you you look like mermaids are def friends to keep =p Pity Kendall couldn’t join us. Guess there’s always next time

Lunch was of course delicious, seafood pasta, just can’t go wrong with that combi

Snuck over to the civic centre hall in Cottesloe to do some photos. Can’t believe I’ve not been here before. It’s absolutey beautiful. Imagine just having your wedding reception here

OOTD for the day. It was actually quite chilly but I’m starting to get used to the cold now. With the sun it was actually quite a nice change. The fresh air def helped cure my headache

The courtyard is amazing, huge green yard with the view of Cottesloe Beach, it really felt so surreal

So we lay on the grass looking at the sky, and just chat away to how nice it’d be to have pre wedding photos taken here

Absolutely adore this photo of Vicky

and the best thing bout having a good friend who is totally into photography too is that you always get to have good photos of yourself =p

It’s a new month, probs a new direction in life but you know what

Somethings in life just won’t change.

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