Perth haul and August favs

A week over Sept, still finding it really difficult to believe this. Just gonna do a quick August fav since there are a couple of new things that I’ve really been loving! Also gonna do a quick haul to some of the items I purchased whilst I was on my holiday
I was in Perth for slightly over half a month so it was almost impossible to not shop. I’ve purchased quite a few clothing items, which I won’t be showing here because they are in the wash and I stocked up on my teas, like massively stocked up on my tea supplies hah! I have a very good reason to do so bt, will be relocating so I need more tea supplies!
But here are some of the items I managed to find in my luggage (abit difficult when you are trying to unpack)

I’ll start from Top Left, clockwise

The dragon is a pop vinyl I found in one of the EB games store in the city. I love love love love dragons and I thought it’d be mega cute as a ring holder with all it’s antennas and stuff( yes I know some of you guys are probs about to kill me coz they aren’t meant to be ring holders but heck, I’m gonna make it real useful). The fox headband lookalike is actually a headphone, they’ve got speakers in em so all you gotta do is pop it over your head and I guess you hear music(I’ve not actually tried using it yet). Beautiful 2 pairs of shoes by Vangoh. Colorful jumper by Supre. My candle obsession with Glasshouse. Well, yup, ForeverNew pouch, Typo stationaries for DIY projects.Nail polish by Maybelline. Glasshouse handcream, oh the coconut and lime scent is to die for. Bangles and necklaces(too tiny to see I reckon) by Pigeon Hole.Sunnies from yup, Forever New.


Some of the clothings I got are here,
Off shoulder long sleeve top by Sportsgirl, necklace from Pigeonhole

And my dress from ForeverNew!

This was a lucky one, I bought this crop top from FCUK for such a good deal! It was on sale and I think I initially thought it didn’t had my size but decided to ask anyway and lucky me!

Peter Alexander’s sleeping eyemask, lion pjs(how adorbs) and Kikki K’s notepads, not like I needed more but just seriously can’t resist the stuff from Kikki K

and yes, I actually thought I’ve been pretty good, granted the makeup in Australia is ridiculously expensive but fancy eyelashes will the death of my wallet one day I swear.

Anyways, on to favs,
I actually did not bring my makeup remover to Perth. I thought hey, might as well give some makeup remover wipes a go and I found myself really liking the Korres pomegranate wipes..It took my makeup off quite well actually, no breakouts through the 2 weeks, which I think is a good sign ey.
Then my other fav will have to be my glamglow coconut facemask. My skin gets really dry when I’m in Perth so this is def a life saviour.

Been also keeping my makeup rather simple, so the benefit it’s a 10 has been a charm. I almost forgot how much I loved it when I first got it so it’s really good to kinda start using it again. As for blusher, I knew my skin always gets abit dry when I’m in Perth so I brought my Dior cream blush in Capri. As you can tell the blush is very well loved but I think it will last me for quite a long time more since a little does go a really long way.

and my nail polish fav would have to be Maybelline’s Color Show in White Splatter, it’s meant to be a top coat but I think it looks pretty darn well by itself!

and the usual makeup stuff. Still really loving these few items (I think I’ve talked about it in my last fav so I won’t go into it again)

and something I’ve been using quite regularly. My hair is finally long enough to decently tie a bun so these hairdonuts are def my new love!

What are your August Fav?

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