Def need to start packing

like seriously, I really should start packing. With less than 2 days to go I am impressed with how I’m not even panicking just yet. It’s like moving back to Perth all over again. Not quite nervous actually, guess how Singapore is really quite close does really help ease the mind. I mean, it’s just a 45 minute flight away.
The weekend was really busy,
Friday was Putrajaya Magic Festival

Infact, if you aren’t doing anything tonight perhaps you can pop by to catch the Gala Show
but on Saturday was just a whirlwind of busy stuff. Drove up to see Calista before I had to leave the country(or she’d kill me, no I’m serious) and we met the loveliest busker Sara, should totally check her act out too if you guys are in Genting!
Anyways, me and Calista decided to take abit of photos to kill time, but first let me do an OOTD.

Ok so now photos
Genting weather is always friendly legging weather =D

All our photos are taken by the Panasonic Lumix GM-1, which has been my absolute fav camera to bring around of late

I mean yeah sure it’s never DSLR quality but hey for the size of the camera(which is smaller than my palm) it’s such an amazing gadget!

So that was pretty much my Saturday, always good to be able to spend time with this pretty lady here

I sure damn am gonna miss you so you best get yourself down to Singapore as soon as you can!

and of course, wouldn’t be Genting if we didn’t catch the Peter Marvey show

On Sunday, spent some quality time with my family. Guess they decided that food/dinner is too mainstreamed so we spent pretty much our whole day at Ossoto Spa
Nothing like table tennis, massage and freefood to end the Sunday ya

How was your weekend?

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