The weekends! Sorry for killing you mr gingerbreadman!

My weekends updates! Probs my fav time to update my blog because weekend meals are the best!
Anyways on Friday, I bit the bullet and bought myself one of the most expensive perfume I’ve ever gotten for myself. M. Micallef was in town for her brand’s perfume launch and I was lucky enough to have her paint on the bottle of my perfume itself

It’s really cool, I don’t think it’s often to have to be able to meet the founder and the designer of the bottle on a everyday basis! The scent is to die for, and the bottle design, oh man, the bottle design is magnifique

Friday night consisted of bottles of wine, cupcake decisions and darts to end the night. Oh the horror, I think I’m turning into a moscato addict!
Saturday was a lazy day for me. Nate’s in town so I thought I’d book us a much hyped up restaurant since I didn’t get to try it when I was in Perth. Booked Jamie’s italian for dinner for 2 with their online booking( too easy) and rocked up at the place at half past 7 for dinner

Of course I didn’t expect them to have perfect lighting for food photography ( I really don’t understand why most restaurants have such dim lighting all the time, probs for the ambience but seriously, it’d be nice to be able to see what you are eating at times lol)

We were served by this really lovely waitress named Freda, she was so attentive so def thumbs up to the service given.

The food however, was abit of a disappointment. Our fav was the antipasti squid dish, which was really yummy

but our mains were abit of a let down.  The ribs were cooked perfectly to medium rare but it just left this bitter burnt taste lingering in your mouth, I really did  expect more.

The risotto was much enjoyable, was good, but not fantastic enough to be raving about it.

Nate wanted something abit lighter for desserts so he had profiteroles and I decided on a latte. Coffee was good, Nate didn’t seem to enjoy the profiteroles as much as he thought he would bt I found it quite nice. Wished I had ordered the brownies but, since it was strongly recommended by Freda.

Then on Sunday, I found us a cafe near our place for a lazy Sunday lunch.
We were really lucky to have found parking just right out Symmetry Cafe.

Queue was actually quite long, so we had to wait for the tables for abit but i didn’t mind the wait, considering how much this place was raved about online. I ordered the Eggs sur le plat for Nate and I got myself a Flan

I really really enjoyed the meal but I found huge pieces of eggs shells left in my eggs, so that was abit of a huge no.
Nate on the otherhand, didn’t enjoy the meal at all! I don’t know why though, ok maybe I do, he said the food was abit too cold for his pref and the meal was abit bland. Gah, they are so difficult to please! I really really enjoyed my dish but, I thought the mashed potatoes, the pork and the eggs were such a perfect combination.

oh and did I tell you about the coffee?
This is def a good coffee I tell you

and oh, heh , I got abit hungry while waiting for my food so I have to confeess! I killed mr gingerbreadman!

I mean, how can you resist! the little head, the little hands, the yummy yummy taste of a gingerbreadman

Sorry mate, had to kill you off like that( or maybe I’m not too sorry at all HAHAHA)

I think, when it comes to OOTD, I def need to get used to the weather here. I really think it’s just plain suicidal to wear long sleeves, lucky me the weather wasn’t THAT hot or I’d be cursing at my own stupidity by the time we got our tables at the cafe. I mean, seriously, long sleeves, pfft Yuki what are you thinking =.=

Loving my new comfy flats from Aldo too! So gold and glittery and it’s by far the most comfy flats I’ve own!

So yeah, that’s my OOTD for today! Def liking the stripes but my fav piece of the day would have to be

my headgear!Picked this pretty little thing from Lovisa the other day when it was on sale. Also currently mega loving the nail polish color from Model Own in Magpie

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have an amazing week ahead!

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