Weekend shenanigans

My weekends were pretty eventful, had and amazing Friday after work drinks with the housemates but let’s backtrack the memories so we’ll start from Saturday yeah.
On Saturday, the morning decided to greet us with this really heavy rain so we had no choice but to delay our brunch session by an hour or so. Eventually managed to meet up with Cheryl at Kovan MRT and we made our way to Lola’s. Lucky for us, the rain did make the crowd abit less crazy so we got our seats after just about 20 minutes of waiting( Click on the pic to be directed to their webpage)

While waiting, we ventured into the alleyways for some OOTD photos. By now, I’ve learnt better to wear something thin, regardless of how comfortable the weather seems.  I have to admit though, the rain has def made the early afternoon much much more comfortable.

If there’s anything I love after walking so much in Singapore, it’s the fact that my legs are slightly ever more toned now!

But I def need comfier shoes, look at the amount of band aid I’ve got on my feet HAHAHH

Got our tables ready with the very much lovely waiter who was actually really attentive!

We ordered the mushroom toast and the avocado eggs benedict.

Our verdict?
I LOVED it! Honestly I think this has to be one of the best cafe’s I’ve been too since I got here. The eggs were cooked to perfection(no eggshells ftw), the flavours of the food was amazing and they had good cooffee too(Personally I preferred the coffee at Symmetry but this place had some decent coff too)
So after our meals, we thought abit of a walk would be ideal for us, considering the amount of food we’ve had for the morning so we made our way to the Botanic Gardens.

Met the cutest cutest lil pup who was so excited to meet new friends.

And found plenty of awesome places for our photoshoots we’ve got planned up for the year

I have to admit we didn’t stay long, the weather was TOO hot for both me and Cheryl but we just couldn’t but help take a photo here. Kinda reminds you of being in Japan with the amount of bamboos going on.

To cool ourselves down after, we made our way to Dhoby Ghaut for some desserts. I thought my green tea parfait was so yummy, but secretly I kinda regretted not ordering the Hojicha parfait coz it was really really really good too

ok, so now back to Friday after work drinks. One of our housemates’ a bartender so we thought we’d make ourway to Emerald Hill in Somerset to say hi!

I absolutely adored the street, makes you feel like you are almost back in Penang no? The colonial buildings, these trees(sorry, I really don’t know the names to them) and just the feel of the whole street is amazing. Perfect location for a OOTD photoshoot too!

Got our tables at Ice Cold Beer Bar and ordered ourselves their chicken wings and onion rings.

I’m not a fan of chicken meat, mostly coz they are always overcooked and too dry for my liking but this place has the BEST, I kid you not, the BEST chicken wings I’ve ever had! Just thinking about it is making me hungry again!

After a few Stellas and Krononbergs, we cheered as Aaron played pool, by cheer I mean me and Ris just sat there and chat and was trying to decide whether we’d get free food if Aaron won

And once we were all relatively happy, we moved on to Acid Bar for some live music

I don’t have a photo of our food but we ordered SPAM FRIES. I know, spam fries. I think just the word itself is sufficient to describe how awesome the food is(esp after a few glasses of drinks). No more beers this time around, just classy ol favs

And that pretty much summarizes my weekend, well at least the 2 days out of the 4 long holiday weekend we’ve got here.

Gonna head out soon to do some film photography so that’s gonna be pretty exciting!
Happy Holiday peeps!

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