Cheap buys, Shoe Haul!

It’s been awhile since I last did a haul post for shoes. I really wanted to make another video but my time has been so packed with diff schedule even taking photos for my blog has been really difficult. I’m determine to write this down however, should anyone is visiting Singapore anytime soon and possibly having the same interest as me, they can probs check this place out before (if ever) they stop doing the promotion for their shoes.
Get this, $12 for a pair, $20 for 2 and whatever subsequent shoes you buy are at $10 each. That pretty much means, yes
it’s $10 per pair! Of course I’m not expecting them to be dead comfortable but heck, they did feel pretty okay when I have them tried on, probs won’t be walking too much in these tho, def not taking the risk HAHA.
The place, is in Bugis Street Market, one of the shops on the 2nd floor. If you walk around you’d be able to find everywhere with signs of “Final Sale”
I first bought a sandal, only coz they had the (nearly)gladiator type of sandals, and you just can’t go wrong with sandals ya

These are the 2nd pair of shoes I bought, thought they look pretty unique and I haven’t really seen much pointy shoes around of late.

Then perhaps my absolute fav pair out of the 5 pairs of shoes I got from the shop. Absolutely loving the detailing on these boots

And my 4th pair would have to be something blue heh. Thought I needed something bit more army like hah.

Right, I have to admit, I think I was buying most of the decent looking shoes in the shop by now. The lady suggested I took my 5th pair and I thought heck, I might as well just risk it with heels! Bought an emerald green pair and I’m absolutely loving how tall the shoes are.

But of course I had to buy much comfier pairs of flats for work.
Goodness gracious ever since I’ve moved to Singapore I’ve been walking so much I actually am in the need for a good pair of flats!
I headed over to Pazzion, one of my fav places right now to get flats! The last time I was in Singapore  I bought their rose gold and silver flats, still loving them heaps!

Initially wanted to just get one pair but I just couldn’t go home without these ones. I mean come on, how often do you come across a pair of flats like that!

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That’s it for my shoe haul post for now but I’ll be updating real soon again! Flying off again tomorrow night to KL and then again on Friday to KB..At this rate of me flying, I’m taking the plane more than I am taking the cab -.-”
Happy Wednesday guys!

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