3 cities in 60 hours.

Hey guys,
How’s your weekend? Mine was ridiculously busy. I honestly thought I’ve time travelled in the past few days. I had a wedding to attend over the weekend so I flew from Singapore->Kuala Lumpur->Kota Bahru->Singapore
Lucky for me, each flight was no more than an hour which is quite good but the waiting hours at the airport can be quite tiring.
I landed back in KL at about 2 am, so after packing for the trip, I finally got to bed at 4am and have had to wake up just about 4 hours after. Was all groggy and tired but we still had a sneaky 3 hours to spare whilst I was in KL so I thought hey, I should totally really have some decent breakfast. So decent breakfast= chilli pan mee!

After our meal it was just a whirlwind of rushing to the airport, settlings our check in luggages etc etc and when we finally got to Kota Bahru, all we wanted to do was sleep. This time round we actually had our accommodation settled for us but I thought since my mom was going to be here in town too me and nate thought it’d be nice to be staying in the same hotel to catch up since I’ve not seen them since I last came to Singapore.
Grand Riverview Hotel had a super decent walkin pre-opening promo price for RM268 per night (includes breakfast) so yay for us!
The rooms has recently been refurbished, which is a double yay and the best thing about the rooms

ok apart from the toilet hah, but they had a bathtub too so it’s actually really comfortable

ok back to the best thing. The best thing about the rooms has got to be the riverview!

to be completely honest, at this point, all I wanted to do was crash straight on the bed and sleep, but dinner was in an hours time and I thought we could do abit of OOTD photography before we left for dinner.
And I’m glad we did. We came just intime for sunset and it was just so darn beautiful

Dress from ForeverNew, never got a chance to wear it when I was in Perth coz it was so chilly then I thought I’d wear it here.

I probs would have prefer wearing the dress with heels but honestly I’d be so overdressed for dinner if I did so flats should do the trick

Love the material of the dress, love the color gradient, maybe not as big of a fan of the cutting on the top part of the dress but heck, still too pretty to pass on

but yes, sunsets are the best!
even the cats were happily lazing around waiting for the sun to set.

My Saturday consisted of a very traditional Chinese wedding, which I probs won’t blog about since I didn’t take as much photos.

and of course the afternoon we spent our time snoozing(we woke up really early too to help out with the wedding) but here’s a pic of me and Nate at the reception dinner. I absolutely love this pic(mainly coz I look way taller than I usually do HAHAHAHAHA).

then on Sunday, it was another flight from Kota Bahru back to Singapore, then sleeping again my whole late arvo away and ending my day shopping in Sephora at Bugis( will do a quick Sept favs very soon)!

Now it’s another week at work(I’m real excited) so have an amazing week guys!

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