Food, food and more food at the Marina Bay Sands Buffet, Rise

My Monday work started off abit differently. Def no Monday blues if you asked me because we spent half the day having a company meeting at the very much majestic Marina Bay Sands
That, and my day was filled with nothing but food, food and more food.
I’ve got a sticker tattoo of a happy popsicle to prove it hah. I actually managed to have lunch with jean. She came over for the weekend plus a few days so we had lunch!

Almost immediately after coming back from lunch, me and my colleagues hopped onto the cab and headed down to Marina Bay Sands

I’ve only been to the outsides of the hotel so this would be my first time properly touring around the place

Especially loving this walkway, though it kinda reminds me of the one at Pan Pacifics.

the company booked out rooms for us to have our meetings, the view however has proven to be extremely distractive HAHA

and after a much short meeting session, we just couldn’t miss a stroll along the infinity pool. 57 floor here we go!

The pool was abit crowded for my liking but the view was just magnifique! The Singapore skyline, the sunset, just wow.

As you can tell, I wasn’t dressed for swimming so I took my own sweet time to enjoy the moment

and of course, taking photos. To be honest, I was actually really hungry when I took this photo so all I could really think of was food

Lucky for me, the company bought us dinner at the buffet so we headed down for some food action at Rise
and boy, was there alot of food
Seafood, Sushi, Cheese to even Olives

Or perhaps a plate of pasta?

The dessert spread was pretty spectacular too, I really enjoyed myself at dinner

We were so well watered and fed by the end of the night anything that resembles a joke then becomes the funniest joke ever told.

If you are just around the area and fancy a buffet dinner, perhaps give Rise a shot!

and I’ve been absolutely LOVING this photo editing effect so if you are keen, tutorial link is *here*

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