Work hairstyles, public holiday update!

Just thought I’d quickly share 3 hairstyles I think is easy to go into work with (ok and mainly coz I can’t be bothered looking for these links again)




Anyways, how was your public holiday? I myself had an amazing one, kicking start my day off with brunch at Club Street Social . It was a rainy day here in Singapore so it was the perfect weather for brunch in my opinion hah.

There was quite alot of food involved, scrambled eggs, mushroom soup to truffle toast, I thought our food was pretty darn amazing and I’ve been told that the hot chocolate they served is also pretty damn good.

The place is located in 5 Gemmill Lane, and here are my partners in crime for brunch!

I loved loved loved their accessories, if only they had more rings that could fit my fingers!

I mean look at Cyndi’s accessories! So pretty don’t you think?

and that bracelet!

I went pretty easy on my accessories(didn’t want them to go under the rain), but I finally found an occasion to wear this pretty white skirt I bought from Bugis Street the other day!

And finally worn these shoes out(10SGD)! They were surprisingly alot more comfortable than I expected them to be, which is always a very much yay but I love love love how they look!

and the rest of the day was spent in the office,  I particularly am loving the fake eyelashes from Amoyamo lashes in strawberry tea(half)! They are actually brown in real life but makes it even better coz it’s so natural!

I’m so excited for this weekend! Heading to Universal Studio for the Halloween night and I cannot be stoked for the weekends to arrive!

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