Collective Haul, Oct Favs and a new fluffy friend

I’ve been up since half 5 and I  have never been so energized at this hour in my life before.
I thought I’d do a bit of a collective haul/ October favourites blogpost since it’s been a little while since I last did one
I changed my teacup sets since we are nearing christmas(I say near because anything within 2 months is near) and Kikki K came out with the cutest most adorable tea set ever. I also recently bought this amazing melange loose tealeaves from Laduree and it’s freaking amaziiing.
But seriously, how cute are my teacups right!

Bath and Body Works was having a 2 for 50 sale so I see no reason to resist shopping!
Purchased the cranberry woods and fresh balsam for the festive season and also stocked up on peaches and mahalo maui because they are freaking amazing. As for the sparkling berry fizz and woodwick candles, those are just previous purchases that I’m absolutely loving too.

Moving into a new room is always exciting, of course I can’t do too much to change the room itself but I do however get to use my creativity to hold all my items!

I made a tray purchase from IKEA and I’ve been loving it since! Perfect for the morning reads and my fav morning drink for now would have to be MUJI’s Instant Roasted Hojicha Green Tea Latte.

I bought a few sticker tattoos too for fun! How could you possibly resist ice creams! That, and also bought this cute little twine string for giftwrapping!

As for hair supplies, I’ve been really enjoying using the shampoo from Bed Head. I got them on a sale   and it was for half price so it was such a good deal. Been also loving the Soap and Glory body soap.

As for skinproducts,
I’ve been really loving the Hope in a Jar moisturizer. Love the consistency  of it, have almost a silky finish. I’ve also been using the Plante System makeup remover,. The salesperson recommended this over Bioderma makeup remover as it works equally well and it’s slightly of a cheaper price. I do really like it, but the only problem I’ve had with it is that it doesn’t clean my eyeliner from Benefit as well.
Tarte’s mascara is also a recent fav, no clumps, does the job of lengthening really well so no complains!

As for haircare, these are the 2 items that I’ve been reaching out for heaps. The dry shampoo by Baptiste and the Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Hairpsray. I’m absolutely loving the dry shampoo, though I might try out the other scents as they do have quite a good selection here in Singapore. As for the hairspray, this thing, claims to be sulfate free etc which is supposed good for the hair. To be honest I don’t quite know the difference but it works the way it should, which is really good enough for me. Holds my curls, doesn’t really leave the hair all hard and crunchy, which is a must for me

Nail wise, not too much of a selection but these are the only 2 that’s been on my nail the whole of October.
Model’s Own- Magpie
OPI- Don’t Bossa Nova Me

And as for the non beauty favs, it would def have to be this alarm projector I purchase from Bugis. It’s also sound activated so whenever I need it to tell time I just clap my hands and voila!

Last but not least, or perhaps you can tell by this pic already, I’ve got a new friend.  He is huge,fluffy and he’s a reindeer! I’ve decided to name him prawn noodles, because him and pan mee are manufactured by the same company so you know gotta name it along the noodle lines. I actually got given this gigantic soft toy as a early Christmas gift and I didn’t quite know what to do with it initially. It hogs a quarter of my bed and is actually a lot heavier than I expected it to be but gosh, is he huggable.

What are your October Favs?

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