The forgotten genie.

So on Halloween night itself, me and a couple of friends decided to dress up and head out to spook the night away.
I went as the forgotten genie, well if you had to ask, pretty much explains why I am, the, forgotten genie.
Funnily enough, I actually manage to use the punch line a couple of times, heaps of people came up to me asking me what I was, and when they got it, they laughed(well with the exception of Aaron who thought my punchline was pretty lame)
Going out again on Halloween night kinda reminds me of the events I go to in KL, just tad different coz now random people are stopping me in the middle of the streets to take a photo with the makeup I had on. Guess my makeup wasn’t too shabby ey.

We first met this fellow random stranger, which to be completely honest, I had no idea who he’s dressing up as, but I thought he had the coolest contacts ever!

We settled in one of the bars in Clarke Quay, the place was spookily lighted up with jack o’ patterns it was actually quite cool

and Cyndi, whoa, she really did go all out. How freaking cool is her makeup!

I did however got constantly distracted by Aaron’s light saber

which incase you’ve not guessed already, his costume for the night was of course, Star Wars related. and Harry went as, I’m not quite sure, a bandit?

Seems like we didn’t quite get on good terms
“How dare you forget about me”

Jokes, we are totally cool

After a bottle or so of Amaretto, we felt the need for supper so we headed back to Geylang for some midnight food action. Of course not passing on the opportunities for photos with the other people who has dressed up for the night

Ended up at 126 for supper, and boy, was it awkward to rock up with our full gear costumes!

The food here, is sufficient to make any monster become the most happy monster around(even more when you are half tipsy) The porridge is def my absolute fav

And of course, don’t quite know how people enjoy chicken feet but yes, still a must

Even Harry approves of the porridge

and yup, the forgotten genie wasn’t so much upset about being forgotten when the night ended

Happy Midweek guys!

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