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1989 is one of my fav years, well mainly coz I was born in the year of 1989 hah. But these 4 numerical numbers has pretty much all my fav numbers all combined together. Taylor Swift recently came out with her new album “1989”, now I’m not usually a massive Taylor Swift fan but anything with those numbers was worth checking out for. So I did, and fell absolutely in love with the tracks and headed down to that CD Shop and picked up her album during lunch.
So in the album, Taylor included about 13 really pretty polaroid photos of her with the lyrics written on it. I couldn’t help but recreate something similar from it.
Dragged my housemate Phuong to help me out with the photos haha, she’s so insanely patient with me it’s amazing!
Here’s the photo that inspired the first set of photos

Photos taken by my Lumix GM-1, edited via my phone using the “After Light” app.
Jacket from Supre
Wearing Maybelline’s Red Revival

then for the 2nd set, I took this photo as inspiration

Headgear from Lovisa

I actually enjoyed it so much I might try out the other photos over the weekend!
Happy Wednesday Guys!

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