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Ola! It’s Friday so yay for the upcoming weekends!
I’ve always been asked the question, so urm, how do you edit the photos on your phone?
Well, there’s a couple of apps that I use, but since I recently got my phone changed, I thought I’d also include some apps that I’ve been pretty much been living on my Iphone 6.
I really don’t like to have too much stuff on my homepage. If it’s possible, I try and squeeze everything into one page with super minimal icons on the page itself. As you can tell, 7 icons is already quite alot even for me.
(Note: This isn’t my usual homepage wallpaper, just not too sure whether my siblings are too keen of a fan to have their face plastered all over my blog so I thought being the nice sister I’d change it for the sake of this blogpost)
My must have applications
On most occasion, I use VSCOcam for my photo editing
IOS Download: here
Android Download: here

I’m massively in love with VSCO Cam, reason? the filters, are freaking amazing. My all time fav set filters will have to be HB1 or HB2, which you can download for free on the VSCOcam store.

My 2nd fav photo editing tool would have to be After Light
IOS Download:here
Android Download:here

It’s crazily simple to edit photos and perhaps my fav feature of all is that I can inject lightleak features into my photo. You can adjust the opacity of each filter and it even comes with fancy silhouette borders for your photos. Oh, and the great thing about this app is you can crop your photos without any size restrictions, which is awesome because VSCOcam has a size cropping restriction which can be quite difficult to work with at times

And of course, who wouldn’t like an app that helps you cover all your blemishes and does the little plastic surgery without having you to go under the knife. Most girls would def already know about this app, if you don’t and you love taking selfie, def give this app a go
IOS Download: here
Android Download: here

Those, are pretty much all I use for my photo editing app. If you want to see what you can recreate with  just those app, check out my blogpost on this mini photoshoot I had, editing using nothing but the 3 apps above (link)

On to other applications that I cannot live with,
this app would def come on top of the list. It’s Spotify of course
IOS download: here
Android download: here
Current album addiction: 1989 by Taylor Swift

(PS: If you are wondering how I have the 1989 album on Spotify, it’s coz I bought the actual CD and had it imported into my Spotify local files)

IOS download : here
Android download : here
Eversince I got to Singapore, I’ve been visiting Starbucks on almost an everyday basis and this application here is super handy! I can pay just using this app as it’s linked to my starbucks card so it saves me the hassle of having to go through my bag for my wallet just for my starbucks card.

As for books, I’ve been really enjoying listening to audiobooks of late so I thought I might as well subscribe to Audible since your first book, is free
IOS download: here
Android  download: here
Currently loving Neil Patrick Harris : Choose your own Autobiography
There’s been so many occasions when I’m actually just laughing to myself when taking the MRT(hello stares from random strangers who thinks I’m insane) but this audiobook is totes worth the stare. Read by the awesome Neil Patrick Harris himself, and because he’s also a magician, it includes alot of magic related stories(which I totally loveee hearing about).Def recommend it!

Then, just before I go to sleep, just to unwind, I love turning on this MUJI to Sleep application
IOS Download: here
Android Download: here
There’s about 5 different natural sound to help you unwind after a long day. My fav would have to be the waves and also the fire crackling sound. You can switch on the timer and not worry if you fall asleep!

That’s pretty much all of the apps I use on my phone, but of course, I still have my normal addiction such as
Messages(totally loving imsg)
Instagram (follow me!)
Facebook(which I have used significantly lesser ever since I got to Singapore but still, here)
Twitter: (follow me)
and a few other random messaging apps to contact different friends.

Happy Friday guys!
Have an amazing weekend!

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