2 years later, Abu Dhabi

Talk about backdating my blogpost =.=. I just realised I’ve not blogged about Abu Dhabi, and this trip was just about done 2 years ago. If you are keen in my Dubai travel log, feel free to click here and here to check out more about the trip
We were only in Abu Dhabi for a day actually, but we managed to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the 8th largest mosque in the world and the largest mosque in UAE.
The building was all decked out in white, which was really majestic

and of course, make sure you wear well according to the dresscode! Always good to follow ya.Since we had to wrap our head too, I did, but probs not the neatest job. This photo was taken at the end of the tour so guess they were less strict about it once you aren’t in the mosque itself.

but okay, back to the mosque.and i’ll let the photos do the talking

They’ve got quite a fair bit of chandeliers around, all imported in and incorporated millions of swarovski crystals.
Even the carpets have their own story. These carpets are predominantly made from wool and it took approximately 2 years just to complete!
So once we were all wow and blown away by the mosque, it was lunch time at the cultural village and shortly after, we headed back to Dubai to continue the rest of our trip
See you soon again, Abu Dhabi!

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