7 things to do this week

Ok, so I know everyone’s having a busy week so I thought I’d do a little reminder of a to do list for you guys!
If you can spare time for this to-do list, I’m sure, like super sure you’ll find this list like a little of a pick me up list!
Of course you don’t have to tick everything off the list but having at least one checked off for this week will be quite beneficial!

I know heaps of people who skips breakfast. Waking up late+traffic= skipping breakfast on most occasion
It can be anything! Make the your fav meal your breakfast(if it’s a tad unhealthy please don’t do this everyday)
Western (Big breakfast from Habitat Coffee)

or if you can cook like Tom,
Cook it over the weekends!

Awesome Chilli Pan Mee

Or my personal fav, sandwiches!

No time for breakfast? No worries, we can always still have a good meal during lunch or dinner
Just make sure you grab a friend along with you

Ikea lunch are always quite value for money!

Great, now I’m craving for ramen again (Ramen from Ippudo)

2) Coffee/Tea (Whichever rocks your boat)
I’m officially a coffee lover!
A good cuppa never, ever fail to cheer me up during middays!

If coffee is a no go for you, or if you can’t find decent coffee around your working area, why not go for tea?
Still no tea options? Well just pop your fav tea leaves into a tea sachet and bring them to work! This way you don’t have to compromise your tea quality when wanting to have a good cup of tea! Of course again if you have time, just have a nice tea session with a good friend

Get moving!It really doesn’t matter what you do! It can be the gym, a stroll in the park, walk your dog(or in my parent’s case, walk your parrot) . Getting fresh air can really lift the mood too

4)Dressing up
Of course I’m not talking about crazy dressing up coz that’d just be really awkward if you rock into work like this

but just light makeup, do your hair, or even just dressing up for work can be really fun too!

5)Plan a night in.
After a full day at work, you deserve it! Pick up some flowers even( I find floristika in Malaysia sells them really cheap, otherwise try Far east flora in Singapore) and just having flowers while you read/ watch a movie/ playing video games makes a huge lot of difference!

The weather is alot cooler recently coz of the rain so if you have the opportunity, read outdoors

6)Ice cream
Honestly, need I say more?

7) Smile
And of course, perhaps the most important to do list of all is to smile. Try it now! Think of good memories you’ve recently had and just, be grateful that this memory will forever be with you
In Nat’s case, it’s the time when she sees her food coming

and mine, chewing the gingerbreadman’s head off

Hope that helps!

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