DIY advent calendars ideas!

So as you guys probs could guess already, I’m a huge fan of Christmas!
I’ve already started on my Advent Calendars deco, probs a good time to start since the countdown to Christmas starts on the 1st of December! I’ll also be doing vlogs for the month so if you are keen, i’ll post the link up here on my blog when I get everything started!
Stayed back till about 11 at work just to fix up our very small christmas tree!
I have to say, cutting the presents is alot more difficult than I imagine it’d be, maybe I’m just not good with scissors HAHA but I’m still pretty happy with the end results!

I love love love how the silver foils makes the whole “tree” looks alot more festive too!

Then I also started working on my advent calendar tags! Just cut out a few nice paper and then write the numbers on it

Then you’ll need a puncher, some strings and pegs

Well I first will have to dry the ink so hey, making use of office space heh

But while waiting for the ink to dry, you can cut out some ribbons

or punch more holes on some decorative papers you’ve found that can be of use for your decorations.
Once the ink is dry, all you gotta do is wrap your labels up to make them more festive! You can find these candy cane color strings from any craft store and they make the tags looks much festive! Once I’m done with these, I’ll use the pegs to pin them to the goodies I’ve prepared for the advent calendars

That’s all I’ve done for my deco, still in the midst of adding glitters to the tag to make them much more festive but if you need any inspirations for Christmas decorations and can’t be bothered looking for information online, well you are in luck coz I’ve compiled some of my fav inspirations online. Just click on the picture to head over to their website for instructions

Snowflakes DIY

DIY your own snowglobe too!

and other easy advent calendar ideas!

and if you are feeling abit more adventurous and wouldn’t mind paying $3.50, check out these mega cute advent calendars robots!

3 more days till December!

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