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So my skin condition has improved tremendously over the past 2 months, granted I had didn’t had much acne problems to begin with, just pores, black heads and uneven skin tone with random pimples every now and then but I can happily say I’m perfectly fine walking out of the house now without any foundation or concealer. The credits for the improvement of my skin, all goes to the recent change of skincare products!

I have a dry combination skin, mostly oily around the T zone but it has only turned towards dry combination ever since I went abroad to study(Used to be just oily combination). Alot of people actually tell me, but my skin’s oily, that means I can skip the moisturizing bit right? The thing is, you cannot skip the moisturizing step, sometimes it might just be because your skin is too dry that they create the oil sebum to protect the layer of your skin to prevent it from being damage so the key here, is to find the right product.
I’m now constantly based in an air conditioned environment, which means I have to work even harder to make sure my skin’s hydrated!
我的皮肤属于有点偏干,可是在T zone区偶尔也会油油的。

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap
Def very mild on the skin, leaves the skin feeling super refreshed too. I usually like to foam it up before using the foam to cleanse my face.

Kieh’s Ultra Facial Cream
Philosphy Hope in a jar in creme form.
I got the Kiehls just recently (All thanks to the lovely JQ) and I’ve been alternating it with my other moisturizing product from philosophy.

The Kiehl’s moisturizing cream is a tad on the heavier side, so I only use it twice just to give my skin that extra kick of hydration just incase I underestimate how damaging the air con is to my skin.

It is quite easily absorbed into the skin, but it still does feel abit sticky when you first apply it on so it’s still not quite my cup of tea. The results, however is obvious so hey, if it works, don’t complain right HAHA.

But of course, I’ll need something else to keep my skin hydrated. So this is when this other bottle comes to use. I believe they’ve got 3 diff texture of a moisturizing to cater different preferences or skin type but I chose this to try and I must say I’m very impressed with the texture of the product. It’s almost like a cream to silk kinda finish once you apply it on your skin. If anything, I think I’m actually quite a slight obsessed with this product!

As you can tell from the picture, it’s nearly like a yogurt texture in the bottle.

So let’s move on to facemask
I’m never a sheet mask person, mainly coz I’m quite lazy with facemask and I only like to apply it on just specific areas on my face so a sheet mask usually makes me feel like I’m not using it like what it’s intended for so yeah.

Laniege sleeping mask is def not a stranger to those who are constantly on a hunt for good beauty products. This water sleeping pack, like what the name suggest allows you to sleep with the facemask on. Apply it and let it dry for abit and you can just go to bed and rinse off whatever’s excess the next day for a very much moisturized skin!

But there are also times when I don’t really want to apply anything on before I sleep. This is when I will reach out for my GlamGlow Hydrating Mask. GlamGlow porducts are freaking amazing, and this hydrating mask is def not one to disappoint either. I’m all for anything with the coconut scent so this hydrating mask is something I really just cannot get enough of. Tad expensive, but totally worth the splurge!
有时我就是不喜欢穿着面膜睡觉了,所以就会用上glamglow的hydrating mask.这家,虽然有点小贵,可是真的太好用了,所以觉得特别值得去买了。我自己本身很喜欢椰子的味道,所以对这罐特别情有独钟,我觉得如果要用完了,我会很难过了。

And for my blackheads and pores problem, I use the Origins Clear Improvement to solve my probs.
I’m a sucker for anything that contains volcanic ingredients so hah, couldn’t really say no to this when the sales assistant recommended this. Apply it on require areas on the face, let it dry and in the meantime scare whoever’s around you with the mask applied on and wash it off when it’s dry. I didn’t expect to see obvious results on first usage but I did so it’s stuck with me on my skincare routine ever since I got it. I do have blackheads and pores concern so I use this twice a week but if you are just wanting to make sure your skin is always in tip top condition, once a week will suffice
至于黑头的问题,我就是用这支Origins Clear Improvements 来解决我的问题了。我本身对黑炭还是含有火山熔岩成分的东西特别没抗拒(其实是对什么美容东西都没抗拒),而且这可以局部搽了,在有需要的地方搽后变了暂时性的黑脸娃娃,等它干了就洗干净就好了。刚刚开始用的时候也没想过会一次见效,可是效果比意想中的还好多了,所以一个礼拜会很乖的定期用上两次了。我本身的粉刺和毛孔出大的问题比较大,所以是用了两次,可是如果美眉们对这方面没什么太大的顾虑的话,就只要是定期给皮肤做做护理了,一个礼拜用一次就很足够了。

So that’s pretty much it for my skincare routine! If you have any questions do feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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