Where to buy Christmas Tree in Singapore

So Christmas is just around the corner and I”m sure plenty of people are out hunting for Christmas tree. Of course being in a full time working environment, going out to just scout for a Christmas tree might be abit difficult so here’s a list to help.
I’ve categorized them into different tree sizes so hope you guys will enjoy this!

Fresh Christmas Trees

For those who wants fresh trees. No plastic firs, no fake tree smells, just a plain ol Christmas tree.
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These places all come with different sizes tree, so just head over and see what you prefer. Ranges for the trees starts from $39.  I’m now based in Singapore, so all these places mentioned are the outlets found in Singapore.
You will find these trees with a small little pot filled with water displayed just out the front of the shops..  As to how you should pick a tree, is to also give the tree a gentle shake. If it’s a fresh tree, there shouldn’t been too much needle fall out( You do need your tree to last till Christmas ya). Also should you get a tree, make sure you water them enough a day to prevent them from drying, just water, don’t add anything else to the water too!
Here’s where you can find fresh trees!
Far East Flora :https://www.facebook.com/FarEastFlora
Cold Storage
Jason’s Market Place in City Hall

So for those who think fresh trees are abit of a problem, and want something with less drama. Here’s where you can find a decent looking tree at a reasonable price.

Big Sized Christmas Trees

The only one I found that carries fake tree of a size of 180CM is from IKEA. You want to remember that your christmas tree will have to hang ornaments too so if you have it too bald(which most cheaper trees tend to look like) they won’t look very good when you have the products hung up.
Priced at SGD$69
You can find more information about the product here:

Medium Sized Christmas Trees

Want something a tad smaller? How does 155cm of a tree sound? Priced at $SGD45 (Man I’m started to sound like a sales person here)  You can also find a tree of that price and height in IKEA.

More information of the product here

Small Sized Christmas Trees

Alright, hah, so I do understand to some people Christmas might be a tad more of a personal thing and putting a christmas tree up at home might be abit too elaborate yet still not want to miss out on the decorations.Here we have the small trees, they are perfect to be set up at your work cubicle and they don’t take too much space at all. When Christmas is over you can always put them away or if you like place them throughout the year and just change the ornaments according to diff times of the year!

I particularly like this very modern looking Christmas tree from IKEA. They are 35CM in height and made out of acrylic plastic. Perfect for those who are too lazy to decorate the tree even because they look quite nice just the way they are.

More information on the product here:

But but but, I want a green tree!
Don’t worry, got you sorted out here. Head over to your nearest typo and you’ll be able to find yourself the cutest little tree to decorate your space! These are about 30CM in height and comes in 5 different colors(Though you can only see the green and irridescent glitter option online)

Find out more here

And if you are just looking for a no fuss tree that you can throw away after christmas and not feel bad about it, perhaps a cardboard tree might do the trick. Decorate them with stickers or add stickers to them each day nearing Christmas and you’ll have a very much festive tree looking tree by Christmas


Anyways, here’s some Christmas Trees decorations and inspirations that I find quite interesting. Click the photos to see the photo credits

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