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River safari,river cruise on brilliant Saturday. Well, to be honest we didn’t quite had the best weather in the morning. In fact, it was raining so heavily me and Mary had to resched our River Safari session to the late afternoon so we grab a cake and some tea in this pastry shop in Ang Mo Kio while waiting for the rain to stop.
Yuki: You know, I think I might have jinx the weather, posted something along the lines of hey,  bring on the drizzle coz I’ve got a hat and I’m not afraid of a little rain.
Mary: It’s pouring cats and dogs now =.=
So note to self: Never, ever be stupid enough to say the slightest comment about the weather even if you are decked out in a full rainy day ensemble.

But lucky for us, the rain eventually stop and even better coz it also washed away all the afternoon heat! Caught a bus(Bus 138) from Ang Mo Kio(NS16)

It was quite abit of a last minute decision so we didn’t had the time to prebook our tickets online. So if you are planning to head to the River Safari, do make sure you prebuy your tickets here (Link)

Ready? yup ready!

I wore my bad hair day hat and also threw on the most comfy outfit for a river safari. I was actually quite worried about the mosquitos but lucky for us it wasn’t much to worry about to begin with. Even for a person like me who gets bitten so much, I didn’t had to attempt to even kill a mozz throughout the whole trip!

It was actually a really really wet day so I’m really glad I pulled out these boots I got from Bugis. Even more surprised because they were so comfy to wear and they only costed me about SGD$10! Perfect for this rainy weather. Only problem was that they were so high up they make me look extra short in photos but I guess I can always worry about looking tall next round)

The weather was so lovely after the rain, and seeing all these greens just really excite us even more for our little adventure!

Honestly, I wasn’t quite thinking right when I was at the counter. When I asked what were the major attractions for animals in the River Safari, the sales assistant told me that they have pandas, jaguars and also even underwater animals at their flooded amazon. I guess I was so used to seeing mock ups of the animal at places I actually asked her whether the animals in the zoo were all alive and real =.=
Let’s see some of my fav animals of the day!

I know alot of people are more excited about seeing the Pandas( Jia Jia and Kai Kai) but I was actually really much happier seeing these cute little red pandas!

Yup, we even saw beavers.

So the River Safari has this short little river quest that requires you to pay an extra $5  for the ride. Me and Mary were quite excited to see some other animals ( actually we just wanted to go on a boat ride) so we happily paid and hah our luck! NO QUEUE! It must be because of the rain the crowd that was there on that day was alot lesser than usual!

It was actually quite a good feeling to sit too after the long walks at the zoo haha. Note to people who wants to take a good photos of the animals, I know sitting at the front of the boat might seem like a good idea but trust me, it’s not. You are going to get wet so if you camera is not waterproof and being splashed by water is not quite your idea of a good afternoon at the River Safari, don’t sit at the front of the boat!

On the river quest we saw jaguars, pink flamingos and other animals but my fav would have to the be the scarlet Ibis. Look at how cute they are and they are in shocking red!

That’s it for my little afternoon river cruise adventure but here’s a map of the park so you can get a better idea

If you are planning to go to the park, def make sure you check out their website here

And so that concluded our trip and me and Mary ended up at Ippudo Ramen for some nice hot ramen to end the cold rainy day.

To those who are having their day offs in Malaysia,
Happy Holidays

To those who are still working, don’t worry it’s Friday tomorrow!

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