Must do things before Christmas!

So we are just about 10 days away from Christmas! And I’m sure everyone is busy getting ready for the very much festive occasion so here’s a few tips and reminders if you don’t know where or how to start! Christmas, is usually the day I’d love to dress up and put on some makeup to look abit more presentable than other days, mainly coz there’s heaps of photos involved but how do you make sure the makeup and your skin is prep well for that day?
Here’s a few tips! Since we are just a week over from Christmas, you can always start experimenting with some makeup so you can prep yourself into the mood of applying on makeup for Christmas Day! With the prep and all you’d also be taking alot lesser time on the day itself and I’m sure by then you’d figure out what will work and won’t work for you
Personally, I think there are a few basics one will have to have for Christmas!
Foundation is def a must for those who have skin concern, just with the late nights, drinks and what not, it’s no surprises one is more prone to having a few pimples around this festive season!
Bronzer, yeah hah, I def need this. I’ve been eating so much more due to the pre-christmas celebration so abit of a contouring on the face to make sure the round face isn’t too obvious on camera!

As for the festive makeup, it’s always good to give yourself a few days in advance to try out to get used to the makeup. I love bright red lipsticks and shimmering highlighters for this season but I do understand not everyone is used to having bright colors on your lips! For starters, try using your finger to dab on your lipstick color onto your lips and slowly build it up over the week to get used to the color on you!

A good highlighter is a must! It really does bring out your features in photos too!

Here are my few fav lipsticks for this festive season

From Left to right-Captive by MAC, Revlon Mauvy Night, Are you ready by Maybelline, Dior Gloss

Right, so now we are done with makeup, how can we make sure our skins in top condition to make sure the makeup sits well on that day?
Here’s a few suggestions heh
Sunblock, facemask and a good hair oil!

A sunblock, is a must, regardless of where you are or how the weather is. This will also help even out your skin tone color if you pick the right sunblock for your skin! As for my hair, it’s rather dry so I def need abit of a good hairoil to make sure it is all nice and smooth for the day!

反正都要豁出去了,就不要忘了敷面膜了哦。每天敷一次,包你圣诞节的时候皮肤会水当当了。With the late nights and time spent in air-conditioned room, I really see no reason to not use the facemasks. Pick your fav and then just apply it everyday before Christmas, trust me, you’ll def see good results by the end of the week!

And of course, with the parties, alcohol and bad diet(I blame the yummy christmas food!) There are def times where your eyes will look more tired due to the bad blood circulation in the body! I recommend maybe a good eyemask? My current fav is this Steam Eyemask which is so convenient to use! I purchased them from Watson, all you gotta do is just take them off  their packaging and it’ll heat up by itself. Perfect to prep yourself for a good night sleep!

10 more days guys! 10 more days!

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