Photoshoot with Calista!

So it was time again to fly back to KL. This time around I had a few wedding dinner and lunch to attend to so it was a very much hectic weekend for me. On Saturday, we drove back to my hometown and I couldn’t resist but to sneak in some drive-thru Starbucks for the road.

晚饭一吃好了,也就赶紧开车回吉隆坡,因为星期天也得参加另个午宴了。结果吃完饭后,剩下的时间我们也特别没劲了再出门了,可是不出门又好像特别对不起自己了,所以决定到戏院看戏吃晚饭了。本身很喜欢很喜欢看戏了,所以如果看戏的时间会坐上两个小时的话,都会考虑对自己好点,到TGV 的Indulge 看戏了,毕竟他家戏院比普通戏院来得舒服多了。
By the time we were done with the wedding dinner, we drove back to KL and couldn’t be happier with our own beds to rest the night away. On Sunday, it was again another wedding lunch so by the time we were done with lunch, Me and Nate couldn’t be fussed to do anything else. So we bought tickets for the Hobbits for our night plans.
I’ve always been a fan of TGV’s Indulge, personally reckon it’s way better than GSC’s Gold Class. We rocked in early to grab abit of dinner at their restaurant before the movie. I’m always pleased with their services so movies that will run longer than 2 hours def a Indulge experience for us.

Oh did I mention?We also picked up this lovely lady after our movie and I spent the rest of my night bonding with her. We enjoyed our time so much together I had to drag her along with my Monday schedule  and we still thought we didn’t had enough time spent together! Us being us, we had to take photos, just couldn’t pass any opportunity since I don’t get to see this lady as much as I hope!
Enjoy the photos guys!

Sometimes in life you meet people. Some stay for a long time and some abit shorter. I’m so grateful you were one of the former because I really wouldn’t want to know where I’d be right now without you in my life.  
只不过我们的“第一次遇见”和“熟了以后” 的时间,也才那几个小时也!!

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