Sephora Haul

The 2nd best thing about Christmas is always post christmas sale. Sale is always so darn gooood!
This year, I managed to resist all online sales but I couldn’t resist walking into Sephora the other day. I had to pick up some of the makeup I was running low on and got lured into doing more shopping hah!
To be fair, the sales was actually pretty darn good so if you guys are going in to look for some bargain, def do so! Here are the few things I managed to pick up! This is of course, after grabbing one of the salesperson to ask what she reckon was the must buy sales item this year and she gave me a few recommendations!

Let me just quickly run you through. These Stila eyeshadows are going at 2 for 10 SGD which I thought is a brilliant deal

Then with Stila ,we have their eyeliners! I got this whole set for just $19 bucks, super good deal if you ask me. Comes with the bangle and a $10 off coupon and a set of 3 eyeliners!

But perhaps the best deal for the day would have to be this Caudalie set. A full set body butter, lip conditioner and a handcream for half price off! Such a steal!

And since we can never have too much facemask, just gotta pick these up when they are at buy one get one free right! I tried the brightening and radiant facemask yesterday, not sure if I liked the packaging as much but I do quite like the after effect of the mask itself!

Did you guys manage to pick up anything from Sephora? If so please do share it with me to what you’ve bought!

Just experimenting with the camera now. Finally got my tripod and yay! Can I say with the wifi remote I now can take all my photos for myself! Win!

Nightmare stay away coz I’ll need some beauty rest!

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