New Years photoshoot with Natalie

First and foremost I’d like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May this 2015 year bring you joy and plenty of laughter. I’d usually do a new years resolution but I figured this year I’d do something abit different. I figured the thing I struggled most doing wasn’t the things I wanted to do for myself but more of the things I wanted to do for a random stranger. Too often I get paranoid, worried I’d be late or the fear of getting into unnecessary trouble that has often resulted me rejecting to help someone. So this year, whilst I’m still based in Singapore, if someone were to ask me for direction and it’s within walking distance to me, instead of directing them I’d bring them to the place itself instead. Granted there’s a hidden motif in me(I’m hopeless with direction, much better getting to one place than I am directing someone there) but hey, when you are finding your way and someone offers to find the place with you, is always a win!
On a much normal resolution for 2015, mine’s def to take more photos this year, so I started with a mini project with Natalie yesterday! Here are the photos so I hope you enjoy them!
Alot of people ask me how I prep for a photoshoot, well to be honest, all you gotta do is make sure you tick off all these list
– What’s the theme of the photoshoot
– Who is doing the makeup
– Have you got all the props prepared?
– Have you found a location for the photoshoot
Nat 本身的皮肤就不错,所以我们在化妆省了很多的的时间。也就帮她画了眼线,放了假睫毛还有涂了口红。
Once you have it all answered you can start to prep for your photoshoot. I find planning where each prop goes behind the shoot, the feel of the photos you’d want to capture through your lens help save heaps of time at the shoot itself! For this shoot, we didn’t had too much time to prep so I thought using a blank background would be a good idea. As for my props, I wanted the highlight to be on the lashes, the mask and a hat, which you will see in the photos.

These are perhaps my fav set out of the whole shoot. There’s always just something super charming about a fedora hat. As you can tell, we kept the makeup very simple. Nat has very good skin complexion so we thought we’d just do with some liquid eyeliner, the lashes, and a lipstick.

As you can tell by the first picture of this post, that photo is def my fav photo of the lot!

Then we started introducing a mask into the photos.

That’s pretty all we did! Here are some misc that turned out pretty cool but that’s all for our mini photoshoot! Def looking forward to more photoshoot and def planning for something alot more elaborate too

Happy New Year guys!

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