Innisfree Lipstick Reviews

So last weekend, I headed over to Bugis to do some grocery shopping and thought I’d do abit of lipstick shopping as well since well, I was there(ok fine I gave in to temptations). I blame this on the chinese magazine I was reading and they were teaching a couple of ways of lipstick applications. They relied alot on lipglosses, lipstains and liptints which are products I don’t seem to gravitate towards to. I was walking past Innisfree and thought I’d give some of the products a try
So here are the swatches and my thoughts on them

The color tint is a very subtle tint on the lips. When I say subtle I mean very subtle, almost like a stain you get when you have one too many blueberries for snacks. It smells abit like a cherry medicine, a scent I’m not quite sure how I feel about

Lasting power: 3/5
Price: SGD10

I also picked up the vivid tint rouge in color 4 and 7

These has got to be one of the very much lasting lip product I’ve ever used. I’ve only applied it on my hands for abit to swatch it for photos and even after just wiping it off with tissues, the stain remains even till now and it’s still not budging.
Lasting Power 4.5/5 (didn’t give a 5 coz well you can’t really give a 5/5 right). Color pigmentation is amazing and application is also quite smooth. I have to say I’m actually very impressed!
Price: SGD17

I also picked up the lipcream in these 2 colors

These lipcremes are so smooth and creamy it’s actually quite a surprise of a quality considering the price I’m paying for these items. Lasting power isn’t as strong but at least you know you won’t be needing a makeup remover to remove these off your lips.
Here are the swatches

Lasting power: 3/5
Price: SGD16
And that’s pretty much it for my little haul! I also did picked up these at the counter while waiting for my turn. I haven’t quite used them yet so I’ll probs mention whether I like them in one of the other blogpost!

Till then guys!

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