Tips to walking in heels

But heels are so difficult to walk in!
I get questions like these heaps, and all the time too! I know I’m not an expert when it comes to walking in heels(I’m no catwalk model) but I do have to say had you got me a pair of 5″ and want me to walk in them, I’m still pretty comfortable with that idea too.
Coming from someone who can barely even walk properly without shoes, I’d say it’s abit of an achievements so I thought I’d share! I am no expert, just these so happen to work well for me!
So like everyone else, the first thing I’d say is to get the right pair of heels!
I know Louboutin once said a pair of heels are not a pair of slippers and will never be so heh, I guess that goes down the drain of actually having a pair of super comfy shoes but there are ways to find bearable, relatively comfy heels to walk in.
Always try buying heels in the afternoon, your feet expand throughout the day and is at it’s most during the arvo so if you try it then, you wouldn’t have to face the dreaded oh no my shoes are too tight scenario.

Then once you have the right pair, don’t go rushing to wearing them yet. Break into them. I’d say giving yourself just 5 minutes each day with the heels and slowly adding the time with them is a good start. This way if the heels need breaking into, you can do it gradually and if anything you can slowly train your ankle muscle for the heels too.

Then with time, you’d be able to increase the height of the heels too!
Practice practice practice! Always try and walk around with the heels when you are at home so you can practice your walk with the heels!

As to how you can know whether if it’s the right height for the heels, you can always try wearing them and see whether you can tip toe in them. If you can’t, perhaps putting the shoes away until you can actually do so before walking out with them heels

My personal fav pair of heels are def the ones with a high platform.  I find them extremely helpful if I have to do abit more walking too.

可是当然,穿得再久,脚还是会累还是有时候会受伤,所以包包里最好有个band aid 吧!
Of course we all get bruises haha, here’s perhaps the most important you should have in your bag or with you when you are wearing heels
Band aid =p

Hope this helps!
Happy Friday guys!

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